10 Golden Tips Prepare for IELTS Test


10 Golden Tips Prepare for IELTS Test

Tips Prepare IELTS Test We hope that the tips Shared in the first part of this blog are helping you create your IELTS. In addition to the tips Shared

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Tips Prepare IELTS Test

We hope that the tips Shared in the first part of this blog are helping you create your IELTS. In addition to the tips Shared in our previous blog, here are 10 golden tips prepare for IELTS test and tricks that make it easier to create your IELTS test and you can create a great band with the help of best IELTS coaching in Jaipur or near you. I suggest Jaipur as Jaipur has best and affordable IELTS coaching institutes in the city.

10 Tips Prepare IELTS

  1. Include ‘English’ in your daily life: Do an English activity every day – watch a movie, read a magazine or newspaper article, interact in English.
  2. Stay informed: Read the newspaper every day as IELTS writing is based on the common interest item. For example, you know how to increase fuel rates, but do you have enough ideas and vocabulary to write an essay, which raises the issue and encourages the public to express their opinion?
  3. Practice with concentration: If listening is your weak point, focus on it during your daily practice. Listen to the radio or turn off subtitles on DVD. Practice speaking regularly, or start a club with another IELTS friends and a rule:’ English only.
  4. Work on your logical thinking skills: For both reading and listening, you have to answer a variety of questions, such as multiple-choice, gap fill and short answers. If the time is short or you don’t have any idea about the answer, guess it.
  5. Go through exam instructions: Even during your practice/mock tests make sure you read exam instructions. Instructions may include important information needed to answer questions correctly. You may think you save time, but it may reduce your score.
  6. Stick to the word limit: The normal word count is 150 words for writing task two, task one and 250. If you fail to write much less than the correct number of words, you can get a maximum score is only 5.0. If you write too many words in one work and not enough in the other, you will be punished. To avoid falling scars, watch the clock – divide the time by the total number of words each task requires – typically, 20 minutes for the task and 40 minutes for the task.
  7. Attack the ones articles: There are sorts of articles in the English language: the definitional article ‘the’ may be singular or plural; the indefinite article ‘a’ and ‘an’ is singular. Check your writing to make sure you’ve used articles in the correct format. Use a good grammar book or online grammar practice to practice the use of the article.
  8. Make it quick: A criticism of the IELTS test is that it asks candidates to do too much in a very short time. Many candidates found they don’t have enough time specified in the writing section so what can you do? Practice writing your paragraphs in a book and time.
  9. Simulate your speaking test: In the most spoken test interviews, you’ll need to introduce yourself – be natural and friendly. To introduce yourself, prepare a self-describing two-minute speech.
  10. Check your body language: As with the interview, the first impression should be counted as helpful and ready to answer questions. Tell the examiner that you are fluent and have good grammar, vocabulary, and accent. Some people hire study in Italy consultant or any other overseas consultant without any research and usually due to lack of knowledge they make this mistake. Please choose carefully with a few surveys.

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