10 Things That Are Worth Learning In School


10 Things That Are Worth Learning In School

Why The General Dissatisfaction? Every educational institution follows a set pattern of standard subjects that students have to learn regardless of

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Why The General Dissatisfaction?

Every educational institution follows a set pattern of standard subjects that students have to learn regardless of whether they’d be helpful. Now, the very concept of usefulness is controversial. What is helpful for a student? Is it something that would help them lead better lives in the future?

This brings up the question of what education entails. The current system focuses on ensuring students learn about the world around them instead of teaching them how to do things. As this fact-learning approach has been adopted by educational institutions worldwide, students are left wondering whether 90% of what they learn in school would be helpful to them in the long run.

The added stress of assignments

Schools try to keep a balance between academic and extracurricular activities. However, the onus of the burden falls on academics. Since you have to study multiple subjects, hundreds of assignments and projects are bound to keep you awake all night. As a result, most students have no option but to depend on professional MBA dissertation writing services and similar online tutoring services to score a good grade.

The hopelessness of the future

Schools pride themselves on preparing students for the world that lies ahead of them. Yet, students feel the most vulnerable after they graduate. Figuring out the ropes of adulthood is hard enough without realising that half of what you learn in school isn’t going to help you out. It makes all those late-night worries where you’d think, “I wish someone could make my assignment for me” seem pointless.

  • The disparity in learning

Educational institutions don’t prioritise creatives such as music, art, dance, and other disciplines and categorise them under extracurricular activities. As a result, despite the rise in creative employment worldwide, these subjects are still considered outside the primary curriculum.

Is What You’re Learning In School Worthless? 

The answer to this question isn’t a simple Yes or No. The fact remains that the current evaluation system encourages fact-based learning. So, if you’re aiming to secure a respectable job or higher study opportunities, you’d have to prove your worth by securing high grades in competitive exams. In schools, teachers use standardised testing to evaluate students daily, making it essential for all to learn their textbooks by heart.

However, every student is unique and shows a knack for different disciplines. For example, out of 10 students in a class, three might love mathematics and plans to major in the subject, four might want to pursue their love of music, while the rest would love to study Literature. When schools teach advanced mathematics to these ten students, only those three who plan to major in the discipline will benefit. The other seven students would be left with the impression that everything they’re learning in class is worthless. Read Also – 10 Golden Tips Prepare for IELTS Test

So, what’s the ultimate solution?

If you gather renowned educators, professors, teachers, parents, educational policymakers in one room and ask them this, you’re bound to get various answers.

The truth remains that students learn better when they have a direction. So, the critical question that educators should ask themselves is – “How can we make students find relevance in what they are learning?”

5 Things Worth Learning In School

 Now that you understand that fact-based learning isn’t the end-all of education, it’s time to dive into what schools should be focusing on to prepare you for the world ahead.

Networking skills

One of the main requirements for success is to have the ability to connect and network with people outside your social circle. In schools, everyone sticks to the group of friends they’re comfortable with. But once you leave that safety net, you’d have to interact and connect with people you might not like at all. Thus, courses on networking skills can be highly beneficial.

Public speaking

The art of public speaking gives you the ability to be confident in yourself and sell your ideas to other people. This is a high-demand quality that employers are always in search of.

Negotiation skills

The art of negotiation is a skill that many students are unaware of. As a result, employers end up taking advantage of freshers. However, with excellent negotiation skills, you can land yourself a good opportunity straight out of college.


Handling finances and be pretty daunting, especially if you’re not used to paying bills and taxes. A detailed economics course that doesn’t focus on theory but covers everything you’d need to know about finances in your daily life is more helpful.

Mental health

A single workshop on mental health awareness isn’t enough for students to understand how dangerous this is. As almost 1 in 4 adults suffer from mental health problems in the US, a detailed course on this topic would benefit all students, regardless of their majors.

Summing it up,

Schools follow a set of standardized education models that focus on learning about the facts in various subjects without highlighting the practical usage of this knowledge. As experts and students alike wonder about the worth of the current education system, this article goes over ten things that are indeed worth learning in school to prepare you for a better future.

Author bio:

Alley John is an academic consultant at a professional institution in the UK. He has completed his Master’s in Career counselling and plans to research students’ career preferences in the UK.  Alley loves music and has won a few national level competitions during his college days.