6 Tips to prepare for your job interview at an event planning company You have always been the one who’s good at managing, planning and executing ide

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6 Tips to prepare for your job interview at an event planning company

You have always been the one who’s good at managing, planning and executing ideas into reality. And if you have considered that skill of yours as your calling, you are here to know how to get hired at an event planning company. Well, fret not. We at WedJobs will help out by not just being a platform for searching jobs in the wedding planning industry, but also make your process easier by giving you necessary information.

Here are a few tips that you could keep in mind before your interview with an event management company

  1. Research and do your homework about the firm

If you come across a certain wedding planner or event management company looking out for talent, always remember to research a little about the company first. This will help you prepare well for the interview, have insightful knowledge about the projects they have worked on, maybe you could even find a reference, because the wedding and event planning industry works a lot on these references. Researching about the company and the role you are offered can also help you write a good cover letter that you can send with your CV and work portfolio. A good cover letter always increases your chances of getting selected for an interview and eventually getting hired too!

  1. Always be a little early for interviews

Be it physical or online, interviews are the first impressions of you as an individual and even as an employee. And trust us, nobody wants a sloppy, late turning, lazy employee. So always arrive before time, even if it’s the office’s lobby or the Zoom meeting’s. This also gives you a buffer to settle yourselves, calm your anxious nerves and feel a little less overwhelmed and nervous for the interview

  1. Dress smart because first impressions matter the most

Clothes you wear set the best and the most prominent impression in any setting. Thus, it is necessary to keep this in mind while appearing for your interviews as well. Consider wearing some smart, decent, and formal-looking attire. Even if the workplace allows informal or casual attire during working hours. Do not go over the board and wear a suit or blazer on the first day itself. If it’s your style or your thing, you can surely wear it later after you climb onboard.

  1. Be honest, transparent, and direct

Whether it’s your interview or your CV, it is necessary to remember to be the above three. Wedding planning is a no-nonsense industry. And so is everyone working in it. Thus, the same is expected out of you. Lying on your CV can always have very harsh and dangerous repercussions, jeopardizing your whole career. So, whether it is a question you are asked in the interview or whether it is a certain aspect of your CV, be straightforward and true, to yourself as well as the company. Rather ask questions and show your eagerness to learn.

  1. Prepare answers to a few general questions

This tip is common for interviews across all industries and domains. Prepare yourself for questions like “Why do you think you are an ideal fit for this job?” “Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?” “Tell us something about you that is not on your CV” “What are your most positive/negative traits?” Preparing for these questions gives you a sense of direction and so when a question even similar to these is asked, you are a little more confident in answering, this sets off a good tone.

  1. Be prepared to speak about your past experiences and other questions related to the job you are applying for

CV just lists your past experiences and the names of the firms you worked for. But it is the interview where you get to share with the employers what role you played, what experience you gained, and what kind of work you did. Make sure you are prepared with concise, to-the-point answers to these questions too. Always carry your work portfolio with you. If you are a fresher or a newbie and do not have major experience yet, you can speak about hosting or conducting any event in your college days. Draw lessons from those anecdotes and mention them during your interview. Once they have asked you all of these questions, they would move on to asking you questions about the job you are applying for. And so it becomes imperative to do some homework about the job description too. Be smart, and straightforward in answering anything they ask. If you do not know a straight answer to it, speak about something related and relevant to the question or the topic.

While preparing for and appearing for job interviews always remember that it is normal to face rejections as well. With each interview, you will gain more insightful knowledge that will make you more prepared for your next interview, and so no interview is a failure as you get to learn something or the other from each interview and every interviewer you come across.

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