4 Beautiful Places to See in Venezuela

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4 Beautiful Places to See in Venezuela

Venezuela is a beautiful country lying on the northern coast of South America, home to captivating beauty and wilderness. Furthermore, it is home to a

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Venezuela is a beautiful country lying on the northern coast of South America, home to captivating beauty and wilderness. Furthermore, it is home to alluring landscapes, waterfalls, lively cities, and several popular tourist attractions. There are various tropical resorts on the islands, including the Los Roques archipelago and Isla de Margarita. Moreover, there is a popular Andes Mountains and the colonial town of Merida, featuring Sierra Nevada National Park.

The Andes Mountains reach over 16000 feet, providing a stunning backdrop of colorful scenery. Caracas is the capital and the largest city in the country, offering great exposure for adventure and thrill. 

Here are the beautiful places to see in Venezuela which are worth taking a tour of this year.

Angel Falls 

Angel Falls lies in the heart of Venezuela, home to mountains rising like massive monoliths from the beautiful landscapes. The highest waterfall in the entire world drops at 979 meters, making it the major highlight of South America. The captivating falls lie in Canaima National Park, which is remote and challenging to access. However, flights are easily available over the falls. 

The best time to see the waterfalls is in the rainy season, from May and November when the water level is high. However, during the dry season, the falls might not fetch enough water to make the scenery incredibly gorgeous. 

Parque Nacional Morrocoy

Morrocoy National Park lies along the coast, and it is a two-hour drive west, popular for beaches. Its alluring coral reefs stretch along the mainland and the offshore islands and cays. Tourists can enjoy the great experience of diving and spend a calm and relaxing day during the trip. In addition, the national park is home to several birds, from osprey and parrots to flamingos and scarlet ibis.  

Popular islands in the area include Cayo Borracho, Cayo Sal, Cayo Peraza and Cayo Sombrero. The park is easily accessible and is popular among prominent places in the country. Moreover, there are two main access points, first at Tucacas and the other is at Chichiriviche, offering boat services. When looking for affordable holiday packages, make a Continental Airlines booking from the official site and get the best quote. 

Orinoco Delta, Venezuela 

Orinoco Delta is in the northeast of Venezuela, offering jaw-dropping scenery of alluring landscapes and lush greenery. The beautiful delta is home to all types of fascinating wildlife creatures like monkeys, piranhas, and macaws. Moreover, the riverside lodges provide multi-day packages, offering guests amazing sightseeing tours and local people watching. Furthermore, some camps also offer night safaris and other interesting activities to the outdoor adventure seekers. You can arrange trips from Ciudad Bolivar, Ciudad Guayana, and other beautiful cities. 

Los Roques Archipelago 

Los Roques Archipelago is home to beautiful beaches, alluring coral reefs, beautiful hotels, drawing the attention of major crowds. The islands of 160 kilometers lie on the central coast of the site and offer eye-catching scenery in abundance. There is a fishing village of Roque on the island, and it has a similar name. It is the main settlement with single-story painted homes with vibrant colors, easily seen from a distant place. 

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