5 Benefits to Moissanite Diamond Engagement Rings


5 Benefits to Moissanite Diamond Engagement Rings

Moissanites are not diamonds. It is hard to tell the difference between the best moissanite diamonds rings and rings with real diamonds. They both loo

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Moissanites are not diamonds. It is hard to tell the difference between the best moissanite diamonds rings and rings with real diamonds. They both look similar but they are very much different in terms of composition and pricing.

Moissanites are becoming a popular choice among millennial couples who like to follow the unconventional path. Engagement rings don’t have to be expensive. You should be able to buy a ring without hurting the budget. Therefore, a pocket friendly alternative is the need of the hour and moissanite serves the purpose very well.

Today, we will discuss where exactly is this diamond-like brilliance came from and how to buy a moissanite ring?

Why Moissanite is So Popular? 

Real moissanite is so rare. It is derived from meteorites. However, the ones that jewelry brands use are actually created in a lab. The lab-grown artificial diamond basically imitates the mineral composition of real moissanite and hence gets its diamond like shine and brilliance. It is rich in siliconcarbide, and thanks to the latest technology, the symmetrical cuts and brilliant radiance of moissanites are almost similar to real diamonds. Appearance similar to real diamonds is the reason a Moissanite Engagement Ring has become a popular choice. 

What Makes Moissanite a Better Alternative to Diamonds? 

You can impress everyone with the radiance of a colorless moissanite bridal ring. It is highly likely that people will think that your lovely bride is wearing a real diamond. In fact, moissanites are considered highly beneficial than diamonds, here are the top five reasons:

  1. Conflict free:The higher demand for diamonds in the jewelry industry resulted in some serious concerns. It involves unethical mining processes to source diamonds. On the other hand, moissanites don’t involve mining at all, the environment is not harmed at all while producing moissanites. 
  2. Affordable: You want to buy a 3 carat princess cut diamond ring for your beloved but it breaks you from the inside when you look at the price tag. Don’t get disheartened when happiness can be afforded in the form of moissanites. Diamonds can cost you a fortune but a 1 carat nearly colorless moissanite ring can be purchased for under $500, isn’t it amazing! 
  3. Perfect for daily wear: Even diamonds lose shine and require professional cleaning and polishing if you wear them regularly. With moissanites, you don’t have to worry about anything. Moissanites contain a higher amount of silicone which catches a lesser amount of dirt and dust as compared to diamonds. So it can be said that the shine and beauty of sparking moissanites will remain the same even after daily wear.
  4. Flawless beauty: From symmetrical cuts to flawless surfaces, moissanites are remarkably beautiful. Since it is a lab-created stone, the chances to have inclusions and blemishes are almost zero in moissanite rings. They are surprisingly clear and buying a colorless diamond that is actually a moissanite is also affordable as mentioned above.
  5. Hardness: As it is mentioned above, moissanites are perfect for everyday wear. The stone scores 9.5 on the Mohs ratings for hardness scale whereas diamonds score way less. This means you don’t have to worry about the hard surface getting scratched from daily wear. Regardless of your lifestyle, the hardness of moissanite would resist the scratches and would sparkle with the similar lustre as it was on day one. 

Where to Find Quality Moissanite Rings? 

Just like grading in diamonds, moissanites are also categorized in colorless and nearly colorless categories. Make sure to pick the vendor that specializes in quality certified made in USA stones. You can find an online retailer that sells moissanite anniversary rings, wedding rings and engagement rings suitable for all budgets.

Final words 

You don’t have to break a bank to buy an engagement ring studded with a large size sparkling stone in it. Moissanites are widely used lately to make engagement rings beautiful and affordable. Try the exclusive collection of moissanite rings for women online and you will be amazed to see the price range.