5 Best Digital Marketing Course in India to Take in 2022

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5 Best Digital Marketing Course in India to Take in 2022

Are you seeking for the top digital marketing course in india  that offer a 360-degree picture of the industry and employ features like real-time proj

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Are you seeking for the top digital marketing course in india  that offer a 360-degree picture of the industry and employ features like real-time projects?


In that case, you are in the right place.


New SEO techniques are used by astute marketers to draw in better prospects. They modify their messaging in accordance with metrics, treading carefully on social media to maximise their presence, and making sure that their communications are optimally appropriate for each audience.


Because of this, it’s critical for digital marketers to maintain their skill sets. For marketing professionals, the online education and certifications offered by professional training organisations through specialised digital marketing courses might be a lifeline.

Why Choose a Career or Upskill in Digital Marketing?

Nearly every business has a sizable and expanding demand for digital marketers.


Most of the time, you can enter the field for a reasonable price and with little prior training or expertise.


Digital marketers are extremely wealthy. There are many career options and average earnings for digital marketing range from $80,000 to $150,000.


managers of digital marketing.


managers of SEO.


SEM/PPC specialists.


managers of social media.


leaders in affiliate marketing.


marketers of content.


plus more.


For professionals that are passionate about digital trends and approaches and want to advance their careers, here is a brief glance at five of the finest digital marketing courses for 2021 that we’ve found.


Our Picks for the 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses 2021

1. Post-Graduate Program in Academy of  Digital Marketing.

This Post Graduate Program in Academy of  Digital Marketing is designed to provide comprehensive education on career-changing skillsets.

This particular program has been called the world’s Number 1 Digital Marketing Course. 

Specifically, the program covers key digital marketing skills in-depth: SEO, PPC, social media strategy, web analytics, language targeting, online reputation management, search psychology, and much more.

The program content goes both broad and deep.

You will learn the practical aspects of SEO, SEM, web analytics, and social media marketing through tools and hands-on practice with this online marketing course.

The online bootcamp gives you skills that are applicable in the real world.

With this course, you will:

  • Develop skills for real career growth.
  • Learn by working on real-world problems.
  • Learn from experts active in their field, not out-of-touch trainers.
  • Have access to 24/7 learning support from mentors and a community of like-minded peers to resolve any conceptual doubts.

2. Digital Media and Marketing Certificate – Duke University Continuing Studies

This self-paced online digital marketing course in india provides students with knowledge of the top eight disciplines in the field.

It consists of a combination of roughly 350 hours of instructor-led training and self-study that must be completed within 12 months of enrollment.

The non-credit course is aligned to the OMCP® certification and designed to prepare learners for the OMCA and OMCP certification exams. Learners must register separately for the OMCP exams.

In addition, this course prepares students for Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, and Microsoft Bing certification exams.

3. Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program

The “Master’s Programs” at Simplilearn are made to give thorough instruction in skill sets that can change careers.

The following topics are covered in the Master’s Program in Digital Marketing Specialist.

each of the fundamental disciplines, such as:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • the internet
  • Optimisation and plan
  • Google Analytics
  • electronic channels

Additionally, choices in:

contemporary mobile marketing

email advertising

optimization of website conversion rates

Content promotion.

The course equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed on a variety of expert tests, including the OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional), Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Blueprint, YouTube, and more.

4. Marketing M.S. from Georgia State University

This course is a 12-month, full-time, on-campus endeavour.


Students also receive a Graduate Certificate of Specialization in Brand and Customer Management in addition to their M.S. The program’s objectives are:


individuals with no prior marketing experience.


professionals looking to progress within their current organisation that have several years of marketing expertise.


those who recently graduated and want to launch their careers


To manage demanding, research-driven projects, the course’s Social Media Intelligence Lab brings together an interdisciplinary team of instructors, PhD students, and research assistants.


To address the challenging marketing difficulties, this strategy involves collaboration with external companies.


Despite offering a thorough, deep education, this course requires a considerable time and financial commitment. Your alternatives are limited if you’re not in Georgia.


5. Strategic Online Marketing Certificate from University of San Diego

The University of San Diego’s Strategic Online Marketing Program offers eight online standalone digital marketing courses that teach you practical marketing skills.

This program is best suited for entrepreneurs, business professionals, and anyone looking to boost their digital marketing skills.

Students learn the analytical tools essential to increase an organization’s brand awareness, digital sales, and online customer engagement via an SEO and content creation strategy.

Digital marketing certificate topics include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Online presence
  • Website performance
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Optimizing URLs, title tags, and meta descriptions
  • Content marketing
  • Link-building strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing


Whether you’re already in the marketing field, looking to change careers, or just want to boost your skillset, digital marketing course  in india have a lot to offer.

You have many options, and the career opportunities that will open up will make it worth it. Make sure to take the time to do the required research.

As a next step, you should definitely start by exploring the top-ranked course on this list – Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing in Partnership with Purdue University.

This is a great course to accelerate your career in Digital Marketing no matter what stage your career is in right now. Click on the link, know more about it .