Simply put the classic red lips have stood through the years. If there's anything that is more powerful then a sassy look with a red lipstick. Did you

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Simply put the classic red lips have stood through the years. If there’s anything that is more powerful then a sassy look with a red lipstick. Did you know that the makeup staple is capable of doing more than adorning your lips? Sure, your favorite red lipstick is a staple thanks to its distinctive and foolproof beauty techniques. From correcting color to concealing your bags under the eyes, here are some fantastic red lipstick tricks that no one has ever has ever told you about.

1. Make use of red lipstick as a Color Corrector

Tired, swollen eyes? You can try the most vibrant red lipstick style to use it for concealing eye circles.. Make use of this hack for lipstick that isn’t makeup-related use it for dark spots and imperfections. One tip for applying makeup Be careful not to apply too much because it’s difficult to cover up. The vibrant red shade serves as a color corrector and neutralizes dark shade that is underneath your eyes, hiding the imperfections. Apply a cream-based lipstick like Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick in the shade 27 Red Flag to get a more seamless application and coverage. Finish it off with the fully-coverage base then blend effortlessly.

2. Use It For Blush
It’s true! Apart from applying red lipsticks under your eyes, rub some of it on the cheeks’ apples to create that glowing shine. It serves as an eye tint, giving you an natural, sunkissed appearance that is worthy of praise. With the assistance of your fingers you can swipe your multi-purpose lipstick over the cheeks, then blend into the up-facing direction. Apply a transparent powder and you’re all set to go. Want coral cheeks? Make the switch for the orange hues of lipsticks and you’ll be awestruck.

3. Get A Glam Eyeshadow Look
Another fantastic red lipstick makeup technique is to enhance your eyes. Put some lipstick on your fingertips and apply it on your lids. The creamy formula provides the gloss that accentuates your eyes with minimal effort. Make the most of this monochrome makeup appearance by applying the same shade on your lids and lips. Make a smudge on your eyes with your fingers or by using an makeup brush and then dust the look off using an eyeshadow setting powder to complete the appearance.

4. Wing It Out
Do you have a problem with eyeliner colors? Give your favourite lipstick shade a try. To achieve this look opt for a waterproof and budge-proof matte shade to apply the lipstick using the eyeliner tool. Dip the brush into the lipstick and display your artistic skills with trendy eye makeup. Make use of the Mettle Liquid, a long-lasting Colored Lipstick, in the color 04 Sirius (Cherry Red) to get bold eyes even if you’re working in a hurry.

5. Mix It with Other Shades
It isn’t easy! There are occasions where you imagine a particular color of your lips in your mind however, when you apply it onto your lips, the color leaves the idea. If you’re feeling similar, instead of looking for the perfect shade, you can mix the red shade with other shades to make the one you like best. Start by adding moisture to your lips with an moisturizing lips balm and then finish with a subtle shade of lipstick. Then, follow it with an strong red in case you’re looking for it and mix with various red shades to create your own lip color. If you are happy with the shade you’ve made then store your lipsticks and put the formula in containers. Then, you can apply it anytime you’d like!

If you’re aware of the incredible beauty benefits of lipstick What are you still waiting for? Make a statement by wearing a stunning LBD and chic hairstyle.