5 New And Creative Ideas For Exhibition Stall Design


5 New And Creative Ideas For Exhibition Stall Design

Exhibition stall design is a very important aspect of any exhibition event. It's the first thing that will attract the audience towards your stall or

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Exhibition stall design is a very important aspect of any exhibition event. It’s the first thing that will attract the audience towards your stall or booth and also plays a vital role in developing a good image for your brand. Exhibitions are the best way to promote a product or service to thousands of people. 

It’s a platform that can be used by all kinds of businesses, as it provides a chance to interact with customers and showcase your products. Stall design plays a crucial role in the success of your exhibition. There are various things you can do to make your stall stand out at an exhibition. Here are some innovative ideas that you can use for your exhibition stall designs:

1 Create A Fun & Interactive Experience 

Exhibitions are a great way to get your name out in the market and generate leads, with an average of a 3-5% conversion rate. But what can you do to increase that number? How can you convert more people into leads? Create interactive and fun experiences. Let attendees know that they’re not just walking through a hallway, but experiencing your brand. 

Do something unique, like asking attendees to write down their biggest challenges on post-it notes and putting them up on the wall. Encourage participation and communication with your attendees. You can take the help of renowned exhibition stand builders to design the perfect exhibition stand. 

2 Offer Free Wi-Fi

Free wifi attracts visitors and increases their time on the stall. It can be a source of revenue for your business by making the visitor stay longer or visit more often. It’s interesting to see that some companies use free wifi as a way to gather data about their customers, by offering access to a landing page with a survey or requesting information about their preferences regarding certain products. 

Free Wifi allows visitors to stay in touch with the world while they are at the exhibition, thus improving your brand exposure. It also helps you increase your return on investment by having more visits. The wifi service can be provided by you or it can be outsourced to a third-party provider. Many providers offer these kinds of solutions, so it should not be hard for you to find one that suits you.

Exhibition Stand Builders

3 Provide Refreshments

Exhibition Stall is the best place to get new customers for your company, but it’s not enough to have a stall. You need to make your visitors feel comfortable at the stall by providing them with refreshments like cold drinks and snacks. 

The provision of refreshments is a great way to encourage customer engagement and improve the chance of getting potential customers.  If you are going to set up an exhibition stall, it is always a good idea to provide refreshments to visitors. While the visitors will have refreshments, then you can tell about your products and services with the exhibition stand visitors.

4 Gamification

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users, increase participation, and drive desired outcomes. Gamification can be applied to almost any type of application including websites, mobile devices, and business processes. Businesses are using gamification as a tool for employee engagement and motivation, customer acquisition and retention, marketing campaigns, and branding. 

Gamification has become a popular tool for companies because it’s effective at enhancing engagement and motivating users to take action. Exhibitions are traditionally “dry” events where visitors are subjected to a barrage of information with little or no fun factor. This makes it very hard to attract visitors to these events. The key to attracting visitors is to provide them with a fun experience, an interesting event with relevant information in a fun way. It can be done by gamifying your exhibition stall

5 New Technology Devices

You need to engage your visitors. But how? Technology is an effective way to attract attention to your Exhibition Stall design. It’s also a great way to help you sell and create leads. Some ideas on how you can implement technology into your Exhibition Stall are using on-demand printing, setting up a digital photo booth, using a digital interactive whiteboard (IWB), creating content for your IWB with online software, using interactive touch screens for visitor engagement, provide free wireless Internet access for visitors, etc.

Final Words

Exhibitions are a growing trend in the marketing world and often provide an opportunity for your business to grow. However, exhibitions tend to be underused by many businesses as they can be overly reliant on the use of flyers and brochures, which is not the most effective strategy. If you want to stand out from the crowd at your next exhibition, implement our above-mentioned ideas for creating interactive experiences for your visitors.