7 Top Unique Gifts For Your Relatives


7 Top Unique Gifts For Your Relatives

Some relatives are adorable. You want to have a whale of time with them and hence you wait for them. If that relative is as close as your brother who

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Some relatives are adorable. You want to have a whale of time with them and hence you wait for them. If that relative is as close as your brother who is visiting you in the coming Raksha Bandhan, do not browse for rakhi store online only. Instead of that, look for unique gifts that you can offer him. 

List of Unique Gifts for Your Relatives

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Photo Frame Full of Memories 

The best gifts are those that have a touch of personalization in them. Whether your brother or any other relative who will receive this unique gift that contains moments of togetherness captured beautifully will feel happy about it. All you need to do is to collect a few photographs and arrange them well on a beautiful photo frame. You will be admired for this!

Lucky Plants to Your Eco-friendly Relative 

If your relatives love greenery or are fond of gardening, no other gift can be better than a lucky plant like a Jade plant or a money plant or a lucky bamboo etc. This gift will show them that you really care for their choices. Apart from that, they will appreciate this gift for being unique and useful to them. 

Handcrafted Baby Buddha for Wishing Them Good Luck

There is nothing new about people giving and receiving Buddha as a gift. It is considered as a Lucky charm and a lot of people exchange this gift. You can give this gift a unique twist by presenting a baby Buddha. The gift can be an adorable one. You can choose to attach a personalized note attached to this gift which will show your feelings towards them. Also, it will give an emotive touch to the gift. 

Pocket Watch for Not So Punctual Relative 

Though people rarely use watches these days, but if you want your relative to be punctual, you can choose to gift a pocket watch to him/her. This will prove to be a high utility gift and prompt your relative to be punctual. Pocket watch or even wrist watch is a highly desirable gift. If you want to make this gift truly special, you can choose to add a touch of personalization to it. 

Coffee Mugs With a Message

Coffee and tea mugs are always thought to be desirable gifts. If you want your gift to be unique, you can consider getting some unique message written over it.  You can convey your feelings through this message. This will be an adorable gift and every time they will sip coffee or tea from this mug, they will remember you. 

Personalized Pillows for A Relative Who Love to Sleep

Sleeping more is a common addiction and in all probability you will have one or more relatives that love sleeping. If such a relative is coming to your home or you are visiting him/her, there can be no other better gift than a personalized pillow with a beautiful message over it. 

A Chocolate Box For a Relative With a Sweet Tooth

Chocolates are one thing that everybody loves. You can choose to pick up a chocolate box containing heart-shaped chocolates along with flowers of your relative’s choice to win their hearts.

Gifts are a special way to say that you love and care. If you have a lovable relative and you want to make him/her feel special, there can be no other way to do so than to gift a unique or memorable item. There can be other choices of unique gift items as well like you can gift hand-made craft items or anything similar to it. The next time you visit a rakhi store online to purchase rakhi for your brother, make sure to pick a cute little adorable gift along with it.