8 colours To Add to Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe


8 colours To Add to Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

Spring and summer mean that it's the perfect time to switch to a fresh wardrobe with fresh colours. Colour plays a very important role in setting your

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Spring and summer mean that it’s the perfect time to switch to a fresh wardrobe with fresh colours. Colour plays a very important role in setting your mood, especially during summer. It is that time of the year when you want to feel simple, and relaxed. Men generally avoid colourful t-shirts and stick to the usual black and grey etc. You need to understand that this life is really very short to wear these boring colours. Add little brightness to your life with colours that will not make you look very flashy yet attractive.

1. Light Pink

Earlier, pink was just considered a womanly colour. Ever since people have started wearing light shades of pink it has become easier for men to incorporate this colour into their wardrobe. The new generation of the unbiased male has thought of neglecting the stereotype and wearing pink no matter what!

When talking about the colour, washed-out pink with light denim gives a smart and classy look. The colour is also bright but not very chunky which is accurate for summers and spring. There are several varieties of pink t-shirts available in the market. Pair it up with black, sand, or blue jeans.

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Pink signifies sensitivity and love. Do not hesitate to add to your wardrobe and make yourself a charming and loving person.

2. Purple Shades

Purple has always been associated with evil spirits in wizards, Disney villains, and other similar characters. Although these characters portray negative vibes, purple is a colour of royalty and wisdom.

Purple is one of those ignored colours which look extremely classy when styled with good quality pants and some accessories. Gen Z has selected the pale version of purple to add to the wardrobe.

Lavender, black currant and orchids are some of the good choices for spring and summer. Add this colour to reflect a learned person’s vibe with wisdom and royalty. Pale purple or pastel colour goes very well with a wide range of jeans and pants. It also looks extremely fashionable with white or beige pants.

3. Sage Green

There is nothing more refreshing than the sight of freshly cut grass on a summer morning and sage green has a similar feel. Green is a natural colour that is both underrated and versatile. If you have avoided green all your life, you can get started with sage green or olive green. Sage green is another beautiful colour that is very functional and neutral. It goes really well with blue, black, Navy, or even yellow pants. The colour is not very loud yet looks classy.

It is very easy to incorporate this colour into your wardrobe in the form of tees. Sage green can be your new black during summer and spring.

4. Mint green

Mint green is another colour that people love these days. It is not as bright as other colours yet very pleasing to the eyes.

Try a mint green t-shirt and pair it up with black chinos or shorts. Add this colour to bring some freshness and feel rejuvenated.

5. Light Yellow

In comparison to the colourful t-shirts that we already discussed above, yellow is a much more tricky colour. It is not very easy to pair yellow or even carry it. A very light shade of yellow looks good and is easy to carry. The simple accessories, the better they will look.

You can also try other shades of yellow. You can go for mustard or honey. Light yellow goes very well with olive, sage green chinos, or even blue shots. Consider wearing it with blue or black jeans as well.

6. Shades of Orange

The colour orange is a totally different emotion for people. It is a part of the Indian National Flag and signifies purity and sacrifice. You can select a t-shirt with a punchy orange colour or hues of saffron which looks good and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Orange is one such colour that grabs all the attention itself while making you look simple. It goes very well with shades of black grey and white. Get ready to get the right amount of attention in your workspace with an orange T-shirt.

7. Light Blue

Navy blue has been a favourite colour of men for time immemorial. Well, now is the time to opt for lighter shades like light blue or teal blue. Wear a powder blue t-shirt with beige chinos or shorts. It even looks very good with white bottom wear.

Blue adds tons of calmness to your personality and this is perfect for summers to make you look and feel refreshed throughout the day.

8. Neutral shades – grey, off white and beige

We all have days when we don’t want to put on so much colour yet look bright and simple. These neutral shades are perfect for those days. When confused, go for neutral colours. Neutral shades like off-white, beige, and grey will surely grab people’s attention as it looks very classy.

When we talk about grey in neutral shades, we are discussing pale grey. Cream colour also compliments every skin tone in case you don’t get an off-white T-shirt. These colourful t-shirts are so versatile that you can wear bottom wear of your choice and look extremely dashing.

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Final Liners

Colourful t-shirts possess the power to crash or dash any look and these colours are the perfect match for summer and spring. Incorporate these colours in your wardrobe and we promise you that these colours will be a game changer for you.

Pairing different colourful t-shirts can either break or make your outfit. It is completely natural to feel uneasy in the beginning but you will get used to eating after a few days. This doesn’t mean that you have to get back to your boring colours. Enhance your style with the colour-coordinated looks that we have mentioned above. From pink to green to yellow, we will make you wear colourful outfits without making you look like a rainbow.

You will also see a remarkable difference in your confidence level while wearing these new colourful t-shirts. You can put on any t-shirt from Gubbacci with the right amount of confidence. Their style, material, and varieties are extensive to compliment every skin tone.



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