9 Best Tenerife Excursions to Discover the Island

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9 Best Tenerife Excursions to Discover the Island

Tenerife has always been a popular tourist location. With black sand and white sand beaches, crystal clear oceans, and a year-round warm but not oppre

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Tenerife has always been a popular tourist location. With black sand and white sand beaches, crystal clear oceans, and a year-round warm but not oppressive weather, families, couples, and groups are continuously enchanted by its allure. The majority of visitors come to the island for a normal beach vacation, complete with excursions to amusement parks, numerous boat tours, and 4×4 vehicle safaris.

However, we’ve compiled this list of fantastic excursions in Tenerife to demonstrate that the island offers so much more than resorts, sunbathing, and theme parks! From hiking to stargazing, whale watching to kayaking, and not to mention visiting unspool neighboring islands or unwinding with a spa day at one of Europe’s largest urban thermal facilities, Tenerife has so much to offer that deciding what to see or do first may be difficult!


Los Cristianos, Calle El Coronel 1

Spend 2.5 hours on and in the water on the Kayak and Snorkel combination tour, during which you’ll get up close and personal with sea turtles and rays. This sport is available all year, with both short and long wetsuits available depending on the season. With an emphasis on responsible travel and environmental stewardship, group sizes are limited to ten people, and visitors are not authorized to touch or handle the turtles (or any other marine creature) — you’re going to want a GoPro for this trip!


Take a day excursion to visit some of the lesser-known Canary Islands, including El Hierro and La Gomera.

El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands and also the site of a UNESCO biosphere reserve. On a mountainous and largely unspoiled island, sturdy walking shoes (but not full-on hiking boots) are necessary. While exploring on foot, you’ll sample local tapas and catch a peek at the world’s tiniest hotel.

Explore La Gomera on a full-day hiking tour: travel by boat from Los Cristianos to San Sebastián de La Gomera and take in the bucolic vistas, gorgeous towns, and traditional cuisine of the island while trekking at a leisurely pace through the lush green environment of Garajonay National Park.


Set sail for a half-day trip aboard a catamaran or luxury yacht, where your crew will monitor pods of dolphins and whale families that live along the island’s shores all year. Sail towards Los Gigantes and take in the magnificent cliffs that rise to 600 meters before dropping anchor and plunging into the crystal blue seas for some of the greatest snorkeling in Tenerife to cool down before returning to the boat for lunch and a drink or sangria.

The Small Group Luxury Yacht tour lasts three hours, while the Catamaran Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour lasts four hours and is available in both the morning and afternoon.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — everyone should treat themselves to a spa day now and then! The Aqua Club Thermal Spa in Adeje features 18 zones, including relaxation pools, a temple of showers, and whirlpool tubs. Prepare to unwind in luxury and be pampered – just remember to bring your towel since the facility does not supply any, and get your ticket in advance to avoid the waits!


This 1-2 hour Jet Ski safari allows you to explore the southern Tenerife coastline. You’ll explore locations that are only accessible by boat and take in breathtaking panoramas from the ocean’s unique vantage point. Furthermore, if your jet ski cannot fit, you may jump into the water and swim to view more! This Jet Ski Safari is only available to those over the age of 16, and is an excellent afternoon activity for groups of friends, couples, and families with older children looking for some fun and adventure! Secure your seat today by booking online using the link above!