A Complete Amazon SEO Guide for Sellers 2022

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A Complete Amazon SEO Guide for Sellers 2022

Amazon SEO is the technique of enhancing an Amazon web page's overall quality to boost its visibility and bring significant traffic.  Amazon has evolv

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Amazon SEO is the technique of enhancing an Amazon web page’s overall quality to boost its visibility and bring significant traffic.  Amazon has evolved out as an eCommerce platform & a go-to search engine. It is quite obvious that people compare the marketing tools of Google and Amazon. But we can not deny the statistics that 89% of buyers trust Amazon more than any other ecommerce store.

If you use Amazon to sell things, you want your goods to be discovered before your competitors. You definitely need Amazon search engine optimization. The items with the highest purchase likelihood are ranked first, followed by those with lower buy likelihood, and so on. Businesspersons familiar with Amazon’s SEO technique will see significant results, and their items will move to the top of the marketplace’s search results, resulting in more sales. 

Let’s explore the main components of amazon SEO to achieve success online:

Basic Components of Amazon SEO

A10 Algorithm

Like every other search engine, Amazon uses its algorithm to control, index, and rank all of Amazon’s marketplace listings. The A10 algorithm comes into play by replacing the A9 algorithm of the amazon search engine in 2020. Whenever a query is fired on the Amazon search engine, it takes into consideration several factors before displaying the search results. The matched products are analyzed and compared thoroughly to decide their ranking. A10 has the modified search criteria from the old algorithm to study consumer behavior and give ratings accordingly. If a product is more popular among customers and has a high sales volume, it will rank high. In contrast, less prevalent products will likely rank lower.


Amazon uses an important metric, sales velocity, to show how a product performs in the market. It tells the merchants about the product sales and decides product rank. If a product is ranking high,  you can make more money. You can adopt different Amazon SEo tactics to increase your sales velocity. For instance, PPC ad campaigns, getting more positive customer reviews, monitoring the conversion rates, etc. You can join the community of Amazon sellers to implement referral marketing. How well you work on your Amazon SEO techniques, the chances of success are more. Consider investing time and effort in these effective tactics if you want to create a splash on the platform.

Master the Keywords

Like SEO, in amazon SEO, the keyword is a non-omitted element. Keywords build a connection between your online business and customers based on the search patterns, and the A10 algorithm identifies your products with the help of keywords. When you insert the correct keywords, you can only expect to go up in the search engine rankings. Keywords can be rightly said as the language for search algorithms. To use the correct keywords effectively, you should remember the following things:

  • Find the demographics of your target audience to know about your consumer behavior. Suppose you are into selling shoes and use keywords like best fit shoes, latest sports shoes, comfortable running shoes, etc. You should simply include only the relevant keywords. 
  • Try to maintain the optimum keyword density rather than over-stuffing.
  • Remember to use the keyword in the product listing.
  • Use the backend keywords to manage the relevancy. However, these will not be visible to the customers but recognized by the ranking algorithm.

Product Title

The first thing a consumer will encounter is your product listing. So you must write a concise and informative title that displays the important information about your product. For example, it should display brand, model, version, product type, power specifications, patent, color, etc. It should draft so well that it tells the unique product features and advantages. Sellers can take the help of Amazon Seller Central published Style Guides to write better titles. It’s worth noting that each product type has its own Amazon title formula, so you can’t mix and match these elements on your title. You will see quick results by tweaking your product title.

Product Description

Because Amazon is a purely online marketplace, sellers can only pitch to customers through a detailed product description. Never miss this chance to convince customers with the appropriate words at the right time and influence their buying decision. Here are some Amazon SEO tips for optimizing the descriptions:

  • It must emphasize the benefits and just not rewrite the title. 
  • You can describe the story about how the product comes into being.
  • Do not write multiple lines of text rather stick to the point.
  • You can make use of Amazon tools to check its effectiveness.

High-quality Product Images

Consumers are typically drawn to visual images more than other types of material. So, high-quality product photos are valuable visual information; Amazon businesses may supply for their customers. Despite this apparent truth, most sellers on the site continue to underestimate the importance of product photography in getting good outcomes. Taking images of your Amazon merchandise isn’t the only thing that counts as good product photography. It employs various strategies to highlight your items and make a statement to your target audience as below:

  • The images should be in high resolution with the right lighting.
  • It is always better to take a photo with a white background.
  • Always take photos from multiple angles to showcase the product.

Product Reviews

While you have less control over how clients are treated, you do have a voice in how they should be treated in general. Because the Amazon A10 algorithm may not accept lower ratings, you should aim for at least four or 5-star reviews. According to Amazon’s emphasis on customer satisfaction and ratings, reviews directly impact the performance and ranking of your listings. As a result, it’s critical to verify your product reviews and respond to negative feedback as soon as possible.

Final Words

Amazon SEO is a must for the product-based search engine of Amazon. You should consider all the basics mentioned above to optimize your product listings. In addition, try not to commit mistakes of not paying attention to sustain success, mismanaging your products, not knowing your competitors, displaying wrong information about your products, not optimizing your product listing according to search algorithms, etc. It is as important as running SEO campaigns to learn from mistakes and correct those. If you are not getting results, you can hire Professional SEO Perth services.