A Complete Guide: Why eCommerce Website Needs Mobile eCommerce Application


A Complete Guide: Why eCommerce Website Needs Mobile eCommerce Application

The demand for mobile responsive design follows the proliferation of smartphones. Today, users spend more time browsing on mobile devices than on desk

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The demand for mobile responsive design follows the proliferation of smartphones. Today, users spend more time browsing on mobile devices than on desktops or laptops for everything from quick searches to major purchases and everything in between. Have you ever asked why? Simply, because it is easy. Consumers in every industry want to get what they are looking for now. So if your website is not optimized for mobile, then your business can not offer immediate service, and you could be missing out on sales. 

eCommerce websites and mobile commerce or we can say m-commerce, options are not an either/or situation because actually both play different roles in the customer journey and cater to different audiences. But the important thing is that you do not overlook mobile experiences while designing the eCommerce strategy for your business. 

As per the research 8, out of 10 humans are online shoppers, and 51% of them use mobile phones for shopping. If you are not leveraging mobile traffic, your business is likely missing out on huge conversions as you know the fact! While responsible websites are an excellent starting point in your e-commerce journey, having a mobile app has distinct pros over mobile websites. 

Hope you understand why Mobilization is essential for your eCommerce website. MageCaptain is one of the leading eCommerce mobile application development companies that helps you to make your website mobile-friendly. Now let us take a quick review on the reasons why eCommerce stores need mobile-supported apps.


#1 Ease Of Use And Better User Experience 

Even if you have a responsive and catchy eCommerce website, every time the user logs on to it, the browser would prompt the user to sign into the account to continue with the shopping. While in the case of mobile apps, the user details are stored in the application and the users only have to sign in once, when they download the app. 

Since the visitors do not need to sign in every time they shop, the ease of use is higher and the resultant user satisfaction is also high. Mobile applications also allow the users to switch between the different tabs, making navigation and overall user experience simpler as compared to the website of the same eCommerce business. 


#2 Access To Phone-native Features 

Mobile set’s native capabilities can be leveraged using mobile apps, which is not a possibility in the case of mobile websites. The Integration of built-in smartphone components like GPS and cameras provides the user with a boost user experience. Interactive shopping using augmented and virtual reality is an app-only feature 

Another supportive point is the fact that native apps are available for offline use.  While the apps do take up space on the user’s device, they can be used even when the mobile phone is not connected with the data or internet, resulting in an on-the-go shopping experience for the users. 


#3 Using Mobile Apps As A Marketing Channel 

Mobile apps give you a chance to provide a unified omnichannel experience to the end-user. Apps can allow social media integration that combines the different channels of customer engagement. The customer preferences are saved within the mobile app, leading to tailored content being displayed to the relevant customers. 

Using geofencing and push notifications sent out to the user’s device when they are in proximity of the actual physical stores or in case of any special offer can also result in a more engaged customer base. 


#4 Seamless Checkout With Multiple Payment Option 

Shopping cart abandonment is the widest issue that retail businesses face. Whether in-store or on an eCommerce platform, customers are more likely to give up on completing shopping if the checkout process seems cumbersome. 

Mobile apps remove friction from the checkout process by making it interactive. The widespread popularity of mobile wallets exists only because they allow fast processing of transactions. Features such as fingerprint scanning and facial recognition help remove friction from checkout and payment process by enabling faster authentication. 


#5 Incorporation Of Advanced Tech For Interactive Customer Experience 

Mobile applications and technology go hand-in-hand. Incorporation of augmented reality in mobile phone applications is already taking place, with brands such as IKEA and Sephora spearheading the transformation. The usage of AR/VR in applications makes them more interactive and results in enhancing customer experiences. 

Applications also allow for the integration of artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots in order to facilitate the customer in searching for their preferred items and getting them through the checkout. Customized shopping assistants that are powered by machine learning algorithms would soon become the norm, making shopping easy and fun as it should be, and developers eagerly waiting for the same!


The Final Thoughts 

Developing a mobile application for your eCommerce store is the starting point of an immersive and interactive relationship with your customer base. Apps are heavily based on perfect analytics that help in analyzing consumer behavior. It eventually benefits an eCommerce business in maximizing revenues by increasing sales. Hence, the end goal should always be to offer a customized and convenient shopping experience irrespective of any device. Probably 78% of customers prefer browning a mobile app over a browser. Moreover, they can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and even offline. Hence, the mobile application acts as a connecting link across all channels; offering an intuitive user experience. And if you are looking for a certified Magento 2 mobile app developer then you can consider MageCaptain as the best eCommerce mobile application development because we provide what you thought!