A Simple Guide to Develop a Food Delivery App

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A Simple Guide to Develop a Food Delivery App

The comfort of ordering food from any location and irresistible discounts on various dishes make food delivery apps quite popular among young adults.

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The comfort of ordering food from any location and irresistible discounts on various dishes make food delivery apps quite popular among young adults. Looking at the growing popularity of food delivery apps, restaurants happily invest in them and are willing to create their food ordering apps. Zomato, UberEats, and Swiggy are the famous online food ordering platforms used by millions across the country and have been appreciated for a faster food delivery process. If you are thinking to develop a food delivery app similar to UberEats, you can take help from mobile app development companies.

How Are Uber Eat Making Profits?

The sole motive of application or online platform is to make gains; if Uber eats can do it, you too. Before we know the steps needed to make a food delivery application, let’s read in detail about the business model of UberEats and how it’s making money using the app.

Uber Eat Has Applied Three Strategies

Delivery Charges

In 2019, UberEats charged a flat delivery rate, but now using a pricing calculator that estimates fees based on distance. It is a great marketing strategy for getting a share of measuring the distance between customers and restaurants.

Revenue Sharing

Again, revenue sharing is a smart way to make money through a good delivery app. UberEats charge a specific free from restaurants for each order made via the UberEat app.


The platform charges a fee from the restaurants. If you have focused, the app gives a few proposals of restaurants during the hunt, and those restaurants that come on the top pay charges to the trade partners.

This excellent monetization strategy increases the visibility of restaurants when customer’s searches for anything on the application.

Surge Pricing

Uber eats has a dynamic pricing algorithm for the rush hours. The rush charges are calculated based on the number of orders in the area and the availability of delivery partners. Delivering in the boost zones benefits both the app partners and delivery agents.

You need not copy these features to make a fantastic food ordering app, be creative and keep learning about for latest features and trends in the industry to create a unique food ordering app.

Let’s Discuss A Simple Guide To Creating A Food Delivery App

We have lined out some handy insights to develop a brilliant looking and functioning app:

1. Read More About Hot Trends

To create a unique food delivery app, you need to know what is happening in the industry, which involves good research on food delivery trends, delivery channels, and hot trends. Read about the latest technology such as Chabot, wearable devices, as these advanced techs can significantly help you create a progressive food delivery app.

2. Delivery Model

Subsequent is to choice a food delivery ideal aligned with your business objectives. There are two types of models available in the delivery market

A.    Order Only

Eat24 and Just Eat, these companies are responsible only for ordering and managing orders. Order-only businesses charge around 10 to 30% of the order value made via the app. If you choose this model, the platform will manage cooking and delivery. The market is very crowded with players and has a low obstacle for entrance.

B.    Order Only And Delivery Model

Door dash and Uber eat are platforms using the on-order and delivery model. In this model, food offices are liable for handling orders and transport. Businesses take help from courier services via the app. This money making approach contains a commission from restaurants and the transport of free. If you choose this model, you have to hire train carriers, etc. Consuming this stage, you can action as a business and obtain returns.

3. Market Research

Good market research is a must for creating a fantastic food delivery app. If you cannot think about how to use it and make your mobile app, you can visit IT consulting companies and get optimal solutions. This is an essential step to consider while developing a food delivery application. You need to know about your target audience and customers who will be using the products. Once you know your target audience, it is easier to create a platform that meets their needs. For example, your potential customers might prefer eggless food or be allergic to certain food items. Hence, it is essential to draw a clear picture of the target audience. You can also help online mobile app development companies to check the market trends.

4. Features

After proper research on hot trends and target audiences, you need to choose the features and functionalities for the application. You can use the main features of Uber eats like Registration and login, search icon, order placing, order checkout, payment mode, and notifications. Real-time tracking is a good feature that allows customers to track orders to empower your food delivery application.

5. Technical Aspects

Picking the right technology is crucial to building a user-friendly app. You will have to choose what type of app you want, hybrid, native app, or iOS, pick one that fits your requirement and target audience. Keep in mind that whatever method you choose will directly affect the overall cost of the development, so consider budget and preferences.

6. Application Development Cost

The cost depends on the number of elements such as platforms, features, integrations, and much more. A mobile application development squad can give a precise application estimation throughout the finding phase. The unearthing phase is the first step you and a development team take to start the project. In this stage, you will be discussing UI/UX design and graphic look. AppVertical is a top leading mobile app development company in the USA. The product discovery phase helps you

An Idea About The Scope Of Work

  • Project roadmap
  • Setting a budget
  • Test the app MVP with a target audience
  • Create a strong investment pitch

The growing popularity of food delivery apps offers many marketing opportunities for food businesses. Not only do they stand out from the crowd, but they can also efficiently manage their customers by tracking orders and feedbacks. This also helps them find loopholes in the process and make necessary improvements in products and services. Whether you are a developer or owner, make sure you create a user-friendly app with easy navigation and quick order placement.

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