Acne Treatment In Delhi From Skin Expert


Acne Treatment In Delhi From Skin Expert

Acne is a common type of skin inflammatory condition that can affect people of any age, but mostly adolescents. It is caused due to plugging of skin p

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Acne is a common type of skin inflammatory condition that can affect people of any age, but mostly adolescents. It is caused due to plugging of skin pores with the excess sebum released by grease-producing glands or sebaceous glands in the skin brought on by hormonal changes that further mix with dead skin cells, dirt, or debris. In some cases, the blocked skin pore can get infected by inflammatory acne-causing bacterium (Propionibacterium acnes) which lives on the skin. It can appear on the skin in different forms like pimples, zits, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, nodules, boils, or others. Dr. Rohit Batra, Acne Specialist in Delhi at Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinics, provides the best treatment for acne and helps people achieve an acne free smooth skin.

The acne spots usually show up on the face but may also appear on the neck, back, chest, and shoulder. Their breakout can be because of fluctuating hormone levels, stress, genetics, skin irritation, and certain medications like some drugs that treat epilepsy, lithium, or steroids. Acne can take a toll on an individual’s skin, their looks, and have a huge impact on their self-esteem and confidence. 

Acne can be treated by some over-the-counter topical medications and dermatologist often prescribes a broader range of acne medications (either oral or topical) to manage the issue. The treatment mainly depends upon the acne type, its severity, and the body parts being affected (i.e. their location). Severe forms of acne are hard to be treated without the help of skin professionals. The acne scar treatment in Delhi offered at Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinics aim to remove the underlying factors that play a role in acne spots formation.   

The need for getting acne treated can be understood by looking at some of the psychological, medical, and cosmetic benefits. People undergo acne treatment to achieve clear, smooth skin, reduce their stress and unhappiness, eliminate the risk of scarring, minimize chances of infection, and improve self-confidence. Continue reading to know about different approaches to treating acne with excellent results and to be able to restore the skin appearance with minimal scarring offered at Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinics, Best Skin specialist in delhi.  

  • Topical creams, lotions, and gels- These are usually prescribed for managing less severe (mild to moderate) forms of acne including a few acne spots, whiteheads, and blackheads. They help in reducing skin redness and must be applied for some weeks to overcome the problem. The ingredients that are usually present in these topical products include benzoyl peroxide that does not allow dead skin cells to clog pores and kill the bacteria; retinoids to reduce sebum production; topical antibiotics to prevent bacterial infection in the blocked pores; azelaic acid to eliminate dead skin and kill bacteria. 
  • Oral antibiotics- These are given for severe acne and usually in combination with topical medications. The course of antibiotics may last between 4-6 months and usually, in about 6 weeks, the patient can expect visible improvement in the appearance of acne. 
  • Hormonal therapy- This is usually done to help women with acne linked to the menstrual cycle or conditions like PCOS.
  • Oral contraceptive pills- These contain female hormones-progesterone and estrogen that lowers the level of androgens in the body that causes excess sebum production, thereby causing acne. Thus, combined oral contraceptives that act as hormones suppression can improve acne symptoms.   
  • Prescription medications- Severe forms of acne can also be treated by isotretinoin, an oral prescribed medication.  
  • IPL skin rejuvenation- Intense pulsed light treatment (phototherapy) makes use of special light energy to reduce the immune response of the body which further reduces skin inflammation. The heat generated by the light can help kill the acne-causing bacteria, therefore fading away from the acne.  
  • Chemical facial peels- These are acid peels of different skin penetrating abilities that are applied to the target area for its exfoliation. It helps remove the dead skin cells that clog the pores and lead to acne and subsequently promote the growth of new, healthy skin cells.  
  • Laser resurfacing- This treatment involves the use of precision lasers to eliminate the affected skin layers by creating wounds on the skin surface with heat to reveal a new, younger, and smooth skin. It also encourages the natural healing response of the body to stimulate new collagen production. It helps drastically reduce the appearance of acne. This is one of the popular acne treatment in Delhi performed at Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinics.
  • Microneedling- In this treatment, the skin is punctured to create minute holes with a micro pen. This stimulates collagen growth which helps improve skin tone and texture, hence resolving acne.  


To know more about acne treatment cost in Delhi, schedule a consultation with the best skin doctor, Dr. Rohit Batra at Dermaworld Skin and Hair Clinics.


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