Activities you can do while in Tagaytay

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Activities you can do while in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is rightfully one of the most popular tourist destinations around the Philippines because of various reasons. Firstly, the cool breeze of the

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Tagaytay is rightfully one of the most popular tourist destinations around the Philippines because of various reasons. Firstly, the cool breeze of the air is what most people enjoy when they visit Tagaytay. Additionally, this tourist spot is just an hour or two away from Manila, making it suitable for a quick getaway or a staycation. But apart from the weather and distance, visitors tend to get drawn to Tagaytay because of the numerous activities anyone can enjoy.

Museum Hopping

If your interests lie in both enjoying the natural beauty as well as art displays from Filipino artists, then Tagaytay is the perfect place for you. Museo Orlina is a popular music center, amphitheater, art gallery, and art exhibition center that mainly features the works of the glass sculptor Ramon Orlina. People can also visit the Puzzle Mansion that holds a collection of the largest number of jigsaws and 4D puzzles in the world.

Food Trip

Of course, when it comes to Pinoy get-aways, food trips will never be missed. Some of the must-try foods in Tagaytay are cheese hopia, buko tart, bulalo, champorado, chicken satay, and raisin bread. The bulalo, in particular, has different variations, and you can go around trying every version throughout your Tagaytay staycation. Of course, you cannot leave the place without trying out their pineapples.

To start, you can always visit this place if you want to go sightseeing. A Tagaytay staycation with the Taal view is very much possible when you visit this tourist spot. The picturesque view of the Taal is especially visible when you go up to the People’s Park in the Sky. Since the park is located at the summit of Mt. Gonzales, many travelers look forward to the enticing view that awaits them by the peak. 


Secondly, the food in Tagaytay is always a must-try. Their specialty? Bulalo. And Mahogany beef market and bulalohan is one of the most popular places where you can have a taste of Tagaytay’s famous bulalo. They also have cafés such as the Bag of Beans and Starbucks Downhill, which has, by the way, a scenic view of the Taal volcano. 


Want to take a pause and just eat a hearty meal with your friends or family? Tagaytay still got you. You can always visit the famous Picnic Grove and enjoy a pleasant and delicious meal with your loved ones. Here, many activities also await you. Aside from the picnic stations, you can roam around their Butterfly Garden, Adventure Zoo, or have a quick yet thrilling zipline ride.


Now, if you want to rest and stay, looking for a room where you can sleep peacefully will never give you a headache as there are many Tagaytay residences for a staycation. And the majority of these accommodations offer clean rooms and excellent amenities. 


Truly, Tagaytay is a home of many exciting activities. This is why it would be wiser to prepare an itinerary. With that being said, here is an infographic from Staycation Tagaytay to help you plan your Tagaytay getaway.