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All steps factory reset toshiba satellite

Your Toshiba laptop comes out of the box with a copy Windows 8.1 that you can customize and set up. There are many ways to factory reset toshib

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Your Toshiba laptop comes out of the box with a copy Windows 8.1 that you can customize and set up.

There are many ways to factory reset toshiba satellite depending on the condition of your computer and what tools you have. You must have access to the current operating system for some methods to work.

What is a factory reset toshiba satellite?

factory reset toshiba satellite come with Windows. You will need a code to match your specific Windows installation.

You lose all files and programs that you have installed. The drivers and any enhancements that you have made to your laptop while it was active will need to be reinstalled.

A factory reset does not include a reinstallation or wiping. Your settings and files are not saved. Instead, you return it to the original state it was before you switched it on.

How to factory reset toshiba satellite

Toshiba laptops run Windows and have an easy way to restore them from the primary OS. You will find the files you need to restore your operating systems in a hidden partition.

You will need to use installation media if the hidden partition becomes damaged or corrupted. If you want to install an operating system or new drive, this is also required.

From within Windows ( factory reset toshiba satellite )

You can access Windows from your laptop. If so, you can reset it within Windows. Be aware that your Toshiba laptop’s data will all be lost, so make sure you prepare.

  1. Turn off from your laptop.
  2. Disableany disks or external hard drives, SD card, or other peripheral devices.
  3. Connect the laptop to the wall
  4. Turn off your computer.
  5. Click 0 and tap the power icon as the computer restarts.
  6. Get rid of the 0.
  7. Click Toshiba Recovery Wizard .
  8. Click Recover Factory Default Software.
  9. Click Next.

Follow these steps to reset your Toshiba laptop. You can choose to reset and restore your Toshiba laptop based on your personal preferences, such as the time zone you are in and whether or not you wish to connect to WiFi.

You can format your recovery partition before installing Windows again. If you are having trouble getting the computer to load the recovery process or the Toshiba recovery software, you can use Windows Installation media to reset your Toshiba laptop.

This factory reset will not be the same as one that you use with Toshiba Recovery Software. Although it won’t include any software with your Toshiba laptop, you should be able install them separately from Toshiba.

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Factory Reset with Recovery Media

  1. Turn off the computer and then insert the installation media, regardless of whether it is a USB or a disk.
  2. Open the computer and immediately press F2 or F8. The model of your Toshiba laptop will determine which option is correct. You want to be able to choose the device you wish to boot from by opening a menu.
  3. Select the installation media that you prefer.
  4. To save your selection, press F10
  5. Hit Enter.
  6. Follow the steps to install Windows on your computer.
  7. Visit the Dynabook or Toshiba support website.
  8. Type the model number or serial number of the computer into the search box and then choose the right entry from the drop-down list.
  9. Select your operating system in the drop-down menu.
  10. Click Go .
  11. Click on the Drivers & Updates tab.
  12. To open the driver download page, click on the appropriate driver.
  13. Click Download.
  14. Follow the instructions to install the file.
  15. For each driver or program you want to install, repeat the process.

You need the correct drivers for your Toshiba. Your computer may experience problems if you use drivers from different manufacturers or models.

Reset Windows

Windows also allows you to reset your Toshiba laptop.

  1. Windows key + I.
  2. Security and Update.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Recovery.
  4. Click here Get Started Click the button below Reset your PC heading.
  5. Click Take Everything .
    Select Cloud Download Or Local Reinstall .
  6. You can choose whether to restore preinstalled applications. If you choose to do so, you will keep a copy the Toshiba programs that were originally installed on your laptop.
  7. If you need all files to be deleted and cleaned up, choose Clear Data. Although this is more secure, it may take several hours to reset your laptop.
  8. Toggle No Download and Reinstall Windows.

You have the option to save your files rather than deleting them all. You can choose to keep your files on the computer but remove all programs and settings.

If you have stable internet access and are able to download cloud files, Cloud Download is the best option. Although local reinstallation is possible, it may not work as well because the recovery data on your computer might have been corrupted or damaged. The computer will download the OS data from Microsoft if you choose to download it.

Toshiba Model and Serial Numbers

To download manuals, drivers and programs, you will need to know your computer’s model number or serial number. There are several ways to locate it.

You can start by simply turning your laptop upside down and looking for the sticker with both information. It could also be in the battery compartment.

The Dynabook Product Info Tool can be downloaded, installed, and used. It will assist you if you are unable to find information about your laptop.