Arabic Series 10 We Can’t Stop Watching

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Arabic Series 10 We Can’t Stop Watching

Arabic Series - If you're an Arabic-language fan, you'll be pleased to know that there are many shows on Netflix that have been created in the Arab wo

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Arabic Series – If you’re an Arabic-language fan, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many shows on Netflix that have been created in the Arab world. From comedy to drama, this article will highlight ten series you’re sure to enjoy. Whether you’re a native speaker or just want to learn the language, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

Lebanese drama

If you’re looking for Arabic-language dramas, you’ve come to the right place. Netflix has a plethora of Arabic shows that are sure to satisfy your cravings for a taste of the Middle East. From a young street kid in Beirut to a reoccurring series set in Syria, there’s a series to satisfy your cravings on any level.

You can find many of these shows on Netflix, but if you’re looking for a more mature and adult show, you may be better off trying an online subscription. If you’re on a budget, consider checking out free Arabic dramas on YouTube. If you’re in a hurry, try watching a Lebanese drama called Lil Mawt (llmwt). This is a story of love and temptation. Another Arabic series on YouTube is called The Fastest, which follows male and female drivers in a race for a cash prize.

If you don’t mind a little bit of subtext, this Egyptian television series is worth checking out. It follows a journalist investigating corruption and a famous Egyptian actor. While the plot is interesting, it might not be for everyone. In fact, it’s probably best watched for the cultural context and for learning Arabic. You’ll get a taste of what life in the Middle East is like for Arabs by watching this series on YouTube.


If you’re looking for a more mainstream show to watch with subtitles, consider the Emirati production “The Writer,” a thriller set in Egypt. The writer is a famous novelist, and the mysterious things that surround him sound like crime stories. You’ll get to learn about police and investigations from watching this series, which is quite fast-paced and entertaining. You’ll be hooked in no time.

If you’re not into dramas, you might want to try some Arabic TV series. There’s a lot of content to choose from, and this list is certainly long! If you’re in the UAE, or any other Arabic-speaking country, you may find some of these shows on Netflix. With the right subtitles, you can watch Arabic TV shows on Netflix while learning the language.

For a diverse viewing experience, you’ll also want to check out some of the movies on Netflix. Arabic movies cover a wide range of genres, and these are some of the best. You can also find some really great series from other countries, such as Hollywood movies. If you want to learn more about the legal system of another country, you might want to check out these series. There are plenty of other great movies and series on Netflix that you can watch, and we’ve compiled a list of 10 that we couldn’t put down.

Learn the language

If you’re looking to learn the language, you’ll find a huge selection of Arabic movies and series on Netflix. You can even watch the autobiographical novel Tamazight, based on the hit Spanish series. You’ll soon discover the world of Arabic culture and its people. We’ll watch these videos whenever we get the chance. These shows are a wonderful way to learn Arabic while also gaining insight into different cultures.

Another Arabic series that we can’t stop watching on Netflix is Black Crows. This drama follows two women under the Islamic State regime in Raqqa, Syria. It’s not a documentary, but a Sopranos-style look at various characters in the city. The ensemble cast includes a slave, an undercover journalist, a child soldier, and a woman recruited by ISIS propaganda. Released during Ramadan, it has been the subject of death threats from the real ISIS, but no real danger has been felt.

Despite its language, Netflix also has audio descriptions in Arabic. The narrator of this show speaks MSA. You’ll need to set your account language to Arabic to get the full effect. And since subtitles are often difficult to understand when you’re trying to understand Arabic, Netflix offers a good alternative. With subtitles, you can get a good idea of what’s happening onscreen without having to read Arabic text.

Another great option is Takki, a Saudi Arabian web series. This series has three seasons and 36 episodes. Each episode lasts 10 to 20 minutes. The first season was posted on YouTube in February 2012 and quickly gained popularity among Saudi viewers. After that, Netflix purchased the rights to the series. Takki is a great way to experience Saudi Arabia’s society while learning about the strict Wahabbism religion. The series’ creator Mohammad Makki can gain feedback directly from viewers, which helps him improve the series.

Lebanese comedy

If you’re looking for a new way to spend your evenings, you might consider streaming some of the Arab series on Netflix. Whether you want to watch the latest episodes of the most popular Arabic dramas or learn about the legal system in another country, you can get the best of both worlds. While these shows aren’t going to blow you away, they are definitely worth a look.

The series begins with a small set of characters. We follow the lives of teenagers in Beirut, where the storyline takes place. Jinn is an original Arabic series from Netflix that follows a group of students as they go on a field trip to the famous archaeological site of Petra. While it’s a popular tourist destination in Jordan, locals believe that the ruins are home to demons.

If you’re looking for dramas set in Lebanon, there are plenty of Arabic series on Netflix you should check out. Al Hayba is a Lebanese-Syrian drama series that centers on rivalry between two clans in a fictional village near the Syrian border.

The Egyptian actor

Adel Karam is an Egyptian actor and comedian. His bold punchlines and recollections of his life are bound to make you laugh. As an intermediate Arabic learner, try to understand these films without subtitles. The subtitles in Netflix are in Spoken Arabic, so you’ll have to check them out if you can’t follow the dialogue. If you’re not a native Arabic speaker, you should skip these shows.

If you’re looking for an Arabic series on Netflix, you’ll want to try Black Crows. This drama follows two women living under the Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria. It’s not a documentary, but more of an ensemble cast, featuring a slave, an undercover journalist, child soldiers, and a woman recruited by the propaganda of ISIS.

Levantine Arabic shows are great for learning useful phrases and improving listening comprehension. They’re also a great way to understand culture, history, politics, and more. If you can get past the region blocking, Netflix is probably a great option. And the best part is, most of these are available worldwide. So, if you’re an Arabic speaker, you can watch these shows from anywhere in the world. Just make sure to check out the official websites first, as these have the best copyright protection.

Another great Arabic series on Netflix is Takki, which we can’t stop watching. This series has been on the internet since February 2012 and was so popular among Saudis that Netflix recently bought the rights to the series. It portrays Saudi society from a different perspective, and is a great place to watch a satirical show with a storyline. The title is a slang word for “relax.”

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