Are You Going To Renovate Your Kitchen?

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Are You Going To Renovate Your Kitchen?

If you want your kitchen renovation project to be a success, start by avoiding the most common mistakes. Take note and get to work! The kitchen is

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If you want your kitchen renovation project to be a success, start by avoiding the most common mistakes. Take note and get to work!

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces, even many times it becomes the heart of our home and the meeting point. We focus on how to undertake a comprehensive change in your kitchen. We do not tell you how to do it, but the mistakes you have to avoid when you decide to do the work.

Pay little attention to design

The first thing you have to do, when undertaking a reform, is to conceive the new distribution. The kitchen is, along with the bathroom, one of the most complicated spaces, because many factors must be taken into account, not only the furniture and orientation. It is very important that the distribution is ideal for our daily habits. A kitchen in a studio for a person who lives alone is not the same as a kitchen with a dining room for a family.

Save on materials

Pay close attention to the products you are going to use. If you are planning a renovation now or in the future, it is best to use sustainable materials that promote the circular economy. Responsible consumption will allow you to save in the future and you will also take care of the environment. Wood and natural fiber are perfect for decorating your eco kitchen. In the market, you will also find recycled furniture made with organic or plastic waste and ecological paints.

Keep away viruses and bacteria

The coronavirus pandemic has put the focus on hygiene, especially kitchen surfaces, which have to be extremely clean. Many firms have opted for technology to offer materials that eliminate viruses and bacteria, such as Neolith finishes. It is also interesting to install waste managers to facilitate the recycling of waste, such as grinders that facilitate its subsequent use in the form of biomass.

Neither drop nor drop

Zero waste of water is imposed, since the liquid element that will soon be one of our most precious treasures. Modernizing your kitchen taps with flow limiters or filter systems that purify the water are little tricks to create a more efficient kitchen.

Storage space must be present in the kitchen reform project

Plan, plan and plan. We never tire of repeating it, because you cannot afford to finish your kitchen work and realize that there is not enough room for the pantry, the crockery or the pans. We have all the storage solutions, and with a lot of style.

Energy consumption

When choosing appliances, make sure they are efficient and reduce the energy bill. It is also important that they allow you to save time, in washing machine and dishwasher cycles, and that they reduce the noise level. In addition, you have to monitor the technical needs of each product so that they adapt to the furniture and installations. For example, the cooking area may not have electrical points on the fire or the need for ventilation grills when you have a gas boiler in the kitchen. It is important to take into account the smoke outlets and the inserts, as well as the water intakes of washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators.