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I said to the fat guy in a low voice, "I turned around, but I didn't see which Dynasty it was built. It's really strange!"! So many projects on the ground unexpectedly did not dig out this place, there is no sign of collapse on the top of the tomb, either buried very deep, too strong, or the master used some means to hide some clues, let us have an empty joy. Fat guy, think about it. We were crawling around in the cave just now. What part of Tianjin is on the ground? The fat guy thought for a long time with a bitter face, and tried to figure out where we were, but the angle of the robbery hole was winding, and sometimes there was a moment. He was already confused and could not distinguish between north, south, east and west. How could he tell me why? Finally he had to say to me: "Well!"! I guess we are still in the area of Tianjin! Just, just right, you rent that old house is not very far from the Haihe River, maybe we will wander in this area of the Haihe River! www。 xiaoshuotxt.c o m Chapter 10 meet on the narrow road. The fat guy and I searched the paradise more carefully this time, but we were still at our wits' end and found nothing. The flashlight we brought down was so old that we couldn't see anything clearly. In addition,Inflatable dry slide, the air in the underground palace was getting more and more turbid. The fat guy finally got tired and held the wall to catch his breath and have a rest, but he didn't prevent the brick wall from being a live secret door. He slipped and almost fell in. The fat guy was so frightened that he squatted there and gasped for breath for a long time. When he got up, he banged his head and hit a man. Then he shivered and almost fell into the secret door. I stood beside the fat guy and grabbed him so that he didn't sit on the ground. At this time, the man who was knocked open by the fat guy bounced back, but it was a mummy hanging upside down on the rope, with no arms and his head almost touching the ground. We just turned two big circles in the underground palace, but we didn't find such a nuclear thing in the air. How could the fat guy press the wall and come to a flying corpse? The fat guy collected himself,Inflatable meltdown, and by the light of my flashlight, he could see clearly that there were many things hanging around him, all of which were the same as the mummy that had just been knocked open, hanging upside down for several rows like hanging clothes. I loosened my grip on the fat guy's hand and was amused by the strange scene: "Strange things happen every year, this year to my house!"! Don't say anything, let's dig! The old tomb buried in the ground finally showed the fox's tail. The fat guy grinned, and his smile was uglier than crying: "Feng Yixi, Feng Yixi, how come you're going to die? You still have the heart to dig out the treasure. I'm afraid if the treasure is dug out, we won't be able to take it away!" Seeing the mummies of unknown origin, I was in a very strange mood and felt much better. I couldn't help arguing with the fat guy: "People die for money, birds die for food. This wealth is to be sought in danger. Don't be unconvinced. Horses are not fat without night grass, Inflatable mechanical bull ,Inflatable outdoor park, and people are not rich without windfall. Maybe this wealth is given to us by God. Otherwise, why are your hands so evil?" I just hit the key, and I bet the treasure cave in this big tomb is already waving to us. While joking and relaxing myself, I looked around with my eyes, hoping to find something shining to save me, but it was too dark. The only light was like a ghost fire, and it was hard to see anything clearly. Inside my nose was the smell of rotten wood from the coffin board. I was afraid there were many coffins hidden in front of me. The mummy hanging upside down was still swaying slightly. I shook my flashlight to see if there was anything unusual about the surrounding environment. I carefully avoided the mummy and gently touched the secret door that the fat guy had just pressed. The fat guy grabbed me and said, "Dude, this is not right. Just now he said that we are underground in the downtown area. In the past few years, the higher authorities have done a lot of work. Why didn't anyone find this place?" I had been thinking about this problem for a long time. While pushing aside a mummy that disturbed my sight with a kitchen knife, I said to the fat guy, "Don't be silly. Our Chinese culture is broad and profound. If you subconsciously want to hide in such a place, I don't think it's difficult. Think about it. The portrait of the woman who died for many years, including the ghost charms, has not been found." Can also actually make noise in the cabinet to ask us to pull out nails, so I am not surprised that this tomb has such a big mystery, the only strange thing is that our direction, it seems not straight to the Haihe River, but to the city center, what is going on? The mummy I pushed aside turned around, but a pile of things fell down, just one end on the fat guy's shoulder, the fat guy went up to see a thin long rope, and immediately scolded angrily: "What the hell, the hanging rope is still with you!" Throw it to me. By the light of the flashlight, I saw clearly what was in my hand. My hair stood up all over my body. I scolded, "You fat bastard!"! What the hell is that? This is clearly a long cut of human skin! Throw it to the fat guy again. The fat guy shivered and threw the rope in his hand far away. He rubbed his hands and scolded, "Don't give me a big-tailed eagle. Can human skin be so long?" I said dryly: "You look more carefully, this is a person hanging here, like peeling an apple with a knife, turning down the circle!" " I have never been able to peel an apple well. I have practiced for a period of time, and naturally I recognized at a glance that it was human skin cut off with a thin knife, and I could never be wrong. Seeing that the fat guy was doubtful, I put my flashlight close to the mummy hanging upside down and showed it to the fat guy: "Look, look, the mummy has no arms. It starts from the chest and stops at the navel. It's all two-finger-wide knife marks. The craftsmanship is really good!"! But why do you want to peel it? Can't you peel it and wait for others to eat it? From the moment I jumped into the hole, I thought that if I met with an accident, I would try my best to get the fat guy out. I was full of heroic thoughts of putting life and death aside. Of course, I was even more afraid that the fat guy would not be able to grasp it for a while, and that he would be confused and waste our lives. So it's not that I want to scare him on purpose. First, it's really evil. Not to mention breaking this thing,Inflatable water park factory, I'll always be beating drums in my heart. Second, because of the sudden change, I'm most afraid of being confused. It's better to practice courage first than to be scared to death with a burden on my back.

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