Backup Office 365 in PST Using Office 365 Backup Tool

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Backup Office 365 in PST Using Office 365 Backup Tool

Office 365 is a cloud-based service and provides users its space to save their work in contrary to this, users take Office 365 backup and that too in

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Office 365 is a cloud-based service and provides users its space to save their work in contrary to this, users take Office 365 backup and that too in PST file format. There can be many reasons for this. First and foremost is PSTs being compatible and portable. Users should backup Office 365 in PST for the following reasons:

  • If users need the same files repeatedly, in that case, it would be tiring and boring to search for them on a vast cloud of Office 365 again and again.
  • Chances of Office 365 unauthorized access and hacking increase as it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • The backup file would play a significant role in case users get out of internet connection.
  • There could be a scenario that any of the files are deleted by mistake.

The core purpose of Backup Office 365 in PST practice is to get control over your data Office 365. Everybody must be aware that pulling the egg in one basket may prove fatal, and following so, backup is recommended.

Ways to Backup Office 365 in PST:

Manual and using the third party are the two methods to get the Office 365 backup task done. Users should prefer third-party tools over manual method because:

  • The manual method so-called, the e-discovery method, requires users to be much more specific about names while searching that mailbox on the O365 cloud otherwise, they would lose it.
  • Highly time-consuming method.
  • There is no surety of complete data backup.
  • Users need to be well versed in the technicalities before performing the Office 365 backup task in this way.

Backup Office 365 in PST Securely and Easily:

Users should use a third-party tool that is specifically designed to ease the process of this highly technical task. Shoviv also provides the tool for the same, named Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore tool. This tool comes up with many features that we think are necessary for healthy data. We’ll cover the features section separately. First, let us go through the procedure for Office 365 backup in PST.

  • Enter into the Connect Office 365 wizard from the ribbon bar, provide essentials, and proceed with Connect.
  • Tap on Backup Directory from the ribbon bar, provide a path, and hit OK.
  • Now hit Backup Jobs and deal with the sections as follows:
  • Job name: Select project name and backup directory and give a name to the job.
  • Select mailboxes: Choose those mailboxes of O365 that users want to backup.
  • Item filter: Use item filer based on message class and date range. A folder filter is also provided here to let users become more specific.
  • Settings: Here, users can use thread count, split PST, no. Of attempts to be made in the situation of interruption.
  • Scheduler: Users can choose the occurrence, frequency, and duration of the backup task to let it start automatically on a periodic basis.
  • Status: Users can have a look upon so created job; if satisfied, hit Finish, otherwise go back to make changes. The process will occur at the scheduled time.
  • If users chose “job run manually” in the Scheduler section, they can hit the start backup job button to start the backup job manually.

Noticeable Features of Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool:

Backup in PST File: This tool provides backup in PST file format, which users prefer because it is a comparatively more reliable format than the other file formats.

User-Oriented Backup Process: It is a user-oriented software. This tool provides the technical process with a simple GUI so that even a novice can easily backup O365.

One Time Process: Here is only a one-time need to connect Office 365 account and create a job, after that, the backup can be started at a mere a click.

Filter Option: Various filter option based on message class, date range, and the folder itself is given in this tool for specific backup.

Incremental Backup: This tool also has an incremental backup feature that helps to backup only the add-on data in the next backup rather than the whole.

There are countless features of this tool, so Shoviv provides a free demo version of this tool so that users become fully confident in it before purchasing it.

Final Words: 

The disadvantages of the manual method and the Shoviv Office 365 Backup tool in the third-party tool are described in this blog. Go through this blog carefully to decide on the final leap to backup Office 365 in PST.

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