Beginners guide to kundalika camping

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Beginners guide to kundalika camping

Introduction: The Kundalika River is a recreational area in Kolad, located on the Goa-Maharashtra motorway. Itinerants come and spend time in the lap

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The Kundalika River is a recreational area in Kolad, located on the Goa-Maharashtra motorway. Itinerants come and spend time in the lap of ethereal and verdant nature. It is an ideal venue for the ones who are in search of a holiday from their hectic schedules as the place is completely serene and calm.It is known for its exciting and nerve-wracking adventures.


Best time for visiting kundalika-

 June to October is the most preferred months when tourists enjoy rafting in clear and triumphant blue water.


 Modes to reach kundalika

  • By car( travel duration- 3 hours)- it is an ideal mode to travel by your convince by cabs. The place covers a distance of 120 km from Mumbai. The route to kolad is just breathtaking and full of exotic views. During the journey, you can have an insight into the tremendous waterfalls, hills, ponds, and lakes.
  • By rail (travel duration – 3 hours)- kolad’s railway station is connected with all the major cities connected to Mumbai. you can travel by any of the passenger trains. You can enjoy the scenic view through the rail journey also.
  • By bus(travel duration – 3 hours) –buses are available from (Mumbai-Ratnagiri) route to kolad. Tourists can choose any Volvo or private bus as per their convenience.


Accommodation near about –

  • Sterling nature trail
  • Kundalika cottage
  • Vinnca village 
  • Doctors farm 


Camping sites in kundalika-

  • Kolad River Rafting (difficulty level- medium)-

 kundalika is famous for white water rafting. You can enjoy the ecstatic venture which is very thrilling. You can feel the ethereal beauty of nature in its cool breeze and natural freshwater. The expedition takes place across two dams. But it is also truly said that prevention is better than cure so you should always follow the instructions of the instructor.


  • Plus Valley Trek ( difficulty level- medium) – 

The Plus valley, as the name suggests it is in plus shape which makes it distinctive. The starting point of the trek is Tamini Ghat. It is prominent among campers as it is within reach both from Pune and Mumbai. You can explore and enjoy the magnificent scenic views of the creation.


  • Bhira Dam –

 Bhira dam is the perfect gateway where you will find the hidden waterfall in the bushes. The water of this dam is the major source of water. You can gather around the campfire with your friends or family members to enjoy the chilly weather. It is a perfect spot for outing and clicking snapshots.


  • Tamini Ghat Waterfalls- 

the place is usually visited during monsoon. It has a tremendous waterfall amid the lush green and exotic forest. The entire sight view is spectacular. you must visit this place to make your journey even more remarkable.


  • Kuda Mandad Caves-

It is the ancient historical Buddhist cave in kolad. You can see lots of sculptures, cave paintings. and stupas which have a story behind them. several tourists come around to capture the amazing prehistoric paintings.


Basic instructions –

  • Rafting should never be done solo. Always choose a professional expert
  • Always wear a life jacket and dress in a comfortable outfit.
  • One should always have a fitness certificate attested before.
  • In case of any health issue, inform the instructor before the trip.
  • Always carry a First Aid kit.
  • Wear whitewater specific shoes.
  • Never panic.
  • Never try to stand and shoot in the camera during the trip.
  • Adhere to the rules of the guide whosoever accomplishes you.
  • Keep the paddle in your hand and stay in the boat.
  • Always do rafting in bright sunny weather conditions.
  • Never carry a heavy suitcase or expensive items like electronic gadgets along.



Things to carry during camping-“safety our 1st priority”

  • Carry your bathing suit, dry lower, and a fleece jacket.
  • Carry necessary toiletries and personal sanitary kit.
  • Carry sunglasses with a retainer strap or swimming goggles.
  • Carry a hat with a brim to avoid tanning.
  • Avoid all-cotton clothing.
  • Always Carry a beacon torch or flash with you.
  • Carry a sunscreen that fits into your pocket.
  • Carry your Ziploc bags to put in all the necessities like –snacks, first aid kit, etc.


  • Note- Remember to carry your id proof along with you.