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UPHOLSTERY CLEANING BROOKLYN as a professional service provider offers you upholstery cleaning, which is carried out on site and always with an ex

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UPHOLSTERY CLEANING BROOKLYN as a professional service provider offers you upholstery cleaning, which is carried out on site and always with an extremely short drying time. After completing this work, you will have hygienically clean furniture. The cleaning can be done with upholstered furniture and also with armchairs, sofas or of course with chairs and a corner couch.

This ensures that not only visible stains disappear, but also invisible stains. The invisible stains are insidious, because they always cause unpleasant odors, which cannot be localized immediately.

In addition, you always benefit from the know-how of the provider. Of course, cleaning can also be done independently, but you could make stains worse, which may mean that the cover needs to be changed. It often happens that stains are enlarged by doing your own cleaning.

Of course, we also have to mention that we only use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We do not use any chemical cleaning agents. The fact is that chemical cleaners still emit particles into the room air days and weeks later. This is bad for your health.

Accordingly, you benefit from:

  • Experience of the service
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Short drying times
  • Mobile service is always flexible in terms of time
  • Hygienic cleaning
  • Stains may be removed
  • Security

How does a mobile upholstery cleaning service work?

A mobile cleaning service for upholstery can be commissioned very easily, all you have to do is do the following:

  • Find a suitable service
  • Get in touch and get an offer
  • The upholstery cleaning takes place on site after appointment

You do not have to procure any material or anything else, but as a service provider we need electricity and, under certain circumstances, lukewarm water. Don’t worry, our machines are extremely efficient, which means that power consumption is extremely low.

You can also get advice on impregnation. The impregnation of upholstered furniture (such as an armchair or a couch) could prevent subsequent soiling for some time. But the fact is that at some point there will of course be new pollution.

Impregnation can also be done in a separate application, but this should always be left to an expert. If the work is done poorly, there is even a sticky residue and this automatically attracts dirt. When it comes to that, there is no way around professional service.

Have upholstery cleaning done by experts

With an upholstery cleaning from the experts you save time! An expert like us at UPHOLSTERY CLEANING BROOKLYN is happy to carry out this work. This gives you the assurance that the activity will be carried out with care.

First there is a so-called pre-cleaning, which means that the upholstered furniture is thoroughly vacuumed. This already removes a large part of the visible dirt and mites.

This is followed by an inspection, whereby stains are located and processed accordingly. We have a biological cleaning agent for this, but nobody can guarantee that the stain will also come off.

After the cleaning agent has been worked in mechanically, the dirt softens and can then be removed with a microfiber towel.

Now the deep cleaning begins and the piece of furniture is “rinsed”, so to speak. This removes deep-seated dirt and odors are permanently removed.

Now it comes to post-processing and quick drying. The entire upholstery surface is treated with a dry microfiber cloth, which means that little moisture gets into the material. A turbo fan also dries it again.

Get a non-binding offer

Now you have the opportunity to obtain a non-binding offer from UPHOLSTERY CLEANING BROOKLYN. Our service gives you the security you need. Thanks to our experience and our resources, we are able to make your upholstered furniture shine again. You can have an offer created via e-mail, contact form or WhatsApp.