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.As we get ready to start the autumn semester, which is when the majority of students will come back to school. Many universities are adding smart loc

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.As we get ready to start the autumn semester, which is when the majority of students will come back to school. Many universities are adding smart lockers onto their list of amenities for campus. Parcel lockers are an efficient, cost-effective and thoughtful method of transforming your student’s mailbox. Also housing on campus into a touch-free , socially-disconnected environment.

With packages and mail delivery in the ascendancy, students and faculty alike can appreciate having a safe space to store their belongings temporarily. Here are a few benefits smart lockers are the ideal choice to your school.

Smart lockers provide students with security and peace of assurance. The robust, tamper-proof design along with automatically created unique codes for passcodes block access to the locker by unauthorized persons. Additionally, the system monitors every transaction to ensure that nothing goes missing or is stolen.

  • Convenient

An easy, user-friendly process makes it simple for faculty, staff and students to access lockers for whatever purpose. It takes only a few moments in order to either drop off and collect books while in class or pick up an item by mail from home.

  • Contactless

Parcel lockers are the new norm. They assist universities with social isolation by allowing faculty and students to keep their belongings completely independently. Also at all times and without face-to-face support. They also minimize touch points users can trigger lock’s auto-open feature from our free mobile app. Also they do not need to share a touchscreen.

  • Clean

To reduce transmission of disease-causing pathogens your employees can stop the use of lockers to clean between use. Moreover, lockers are simple to clean and disinfect. Optional accessories like antimicrobial products. Also UV sanitation may aid in speeding the process.

  • Customizable

With a range of locker styles, sizes and configurations smart lockers can be utilized for every storage or delivery requirement. Parcel lockers are available in many colours and materials that can be matched to your school’s branding. Also stand out with attractive style.

  • Space-saving

There is no need to reserve spaces for items of students waiting to be picked up. Smart lockers system provide safe storage. For shared spaces such as student centers, mailrooms and bookstores, with a slim style also modern design.

  • Timesaving

Due to the self-service nature in smart lockers, they will not have to assign staff members to monitor and control things, which saves time as well as cutting costs for operations.

  • Tech-powered

Students are always searching for technologies that can help them achieve more at work Parcel lockers can help. Also technology that powers smart lockers allows integration with other systems at universities that improve convenience, simplicity and effectiveness.

  • Automatic

From email and text notifications to sensor for packages and real-time analysis. Also smart lockers have fully automated functions that take the work out of temporary storage.

  • Flexible

The dynamic of the university is always changing to keep pace with international and local trends. Our smart locker hardware and technology are changing at a rapid pace. To ensure that you are equip with the latest options to ensure your school is running efficiently.

Parcel lockers are able to adapt to the constantly changing workplace. Utilizing the same platform universities can manage their mail packages, food deliveries, help facilitate the move to IT assets, and assist onboard faculty, students and many more.