Bep20 Token Development-A Beginners Guide


Bep20 Token Development-A Beginners Guide

The crypto world is going beyond imagination with its increasing popularity. It has enthralled numerous crypto aspirants, investors, startups, and ent

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The crypto world is going beyond imagination with its increasing popularity. It has enthralled numerous crypto aspirants, investors, startups, and entrepreneurs to start a business on the cryptosphere. In recent days, Binance smart chain network has been trending which is making huge returns for those who are investing in applications based on BSC. 

Binance Smart Chain has received a whopping welcome and traction in early 2021 because of the limitations on the ethereum blockchain. BSC runs parallel with the Binance’s native Binance Chain(BC). This benefits the users with high transaction capacity and smart contract functionalities. This has enticed crypto investors to create tokens on the BSC network. 

Bep20 Token Development on BSC

Bep20 token development streamlines the process of developing the native bep20 token on the Binance smart chain network. Binance smart chain is one of the best blockchain networks built for running smart contract-related applications. BSC contributes to developing the bep20 token, which is a kind of native token standard that extends the ERC20 token. 

Bep20 token was developed with the goal of providing the developers with a standard format to launch a range of different tokens. The bep20 token guarantees the basic functionalities such as transferring funds, recovering the balance, token transfers, and viewing the ownership of the token. The bep20 tokens are fuelled with the BNB tokens. This helps in providing incentives to the validators to include the transactions in the blockchain. 

Features of Bep20 Token Development 

The bep20 token development is dominating the crypto world and gaining traction with its unique features. 

Completely Decentralized

The process of Bep20 token development is highly transparent and is entirely decentralized.

Dual Chain Architecture

The Bep20 token development is compliant with both the networks of the binance smart chain.

Token Minting

The bep20 token development facilitates token minting that is the users can mint the tokens when necessary.

Complete Ownership

The token owners have complete ownership of their tokens and have full rights over minting and burning their tokens. 

Multiple Currency Support

The bep20 token development makes use of multiple platforms and it supports more than 61 cryptocurrencies. 

Benefits of creating Bep20 Token

Bep20 token benefits you in various aspects. Let’s walk through the benefits of creating a Bep20 token.


  • Bep20 token allows other crypto tokens on the BSC network with other defi protocols like Dapps, decentralized exchanges(DEX), and cryptocurrency wallets.
  • The cost of creating a bep20 token is low and the bep20 tike requires a minimal gas fee. 


  • The bep20 token is designed in such a way that it is compatible with both the Bep2 and ethereum ERC20 tokens. 


  • The bep20 tokens are fueled with BNB which benefits the users with incentives.


  • Bep20 tokens are supported with crypto wallets where the users have easy accessibility to store and transact the tokens. 


  • Bep20 tokens are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM).


Binance Smart Chain has evolved to be the best blockchain in the crypto space. This has created a hype to create tokens on BSC. Are you on the thought of creating a bep20 token binance smart chain network? Then get in touch with the best bep20 token development company in the market which helps you to launch a BEP20 token instantly.