Canon IJ Setup configuration and installation tutorials

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Canon IJ Setup configuration and installation tutorials

Visit to download Canon printer drivers. Canon printers are great for printing documents, paper, photos, scanning, faxing, and more. ij

Canon IJ Setup Process – Connect Canon Easily
ij.start canon Web Source to Download Full Feature Software
Setup Canon Printer with ij Start Canon

Visit to download Canon printer drivers. Canon printers are great for printing documents, paper, photos, scanning, faxing, and more. helps you set up a Canon printer for advanced printing features. See below for a Canon iJ printer setup with WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, and other options. 

  1. Canon IJ Setup installation

-Download printer-specific drivers first. Ensure compatibility while downloading and installing.

-Double-click the item to install. Choose “wireless connection” when prompted to connect the printer. If you’re wired, choose USB.

Before continuing, Mac users must enter their password.

-Turn on the Canon printer and check the connections for optimal power.

-Hold the printer’s Wi-Fi alarm lamp key until it flashes twice.

-Press the Wi-Fi alarm lamp key.

-The blue flashing Wi-Fi lamp ensures that the printer and router are connected.

-The Wi-Fi lamp flashes blue.

-Read and accept the license agreement. First, look out for the wireless network name and printer model in your neighborhood.

-Click “Finish” after checking that the printer and wireless network are linked.

  1. Canon IJ USB printer configuration

-If you can’t find the printer, click “establish network connection through USB”

-Now connect the printer to your computer through USB. MAC users click NEXT.

-To connect your printer to a wireless network, select “yes” when the access point appears. To remove a printer from a MAC, click ALLOW. Click NEXT.

-If you’re using Windows, click “COMPLETE”

-MAC users must click OK when prompted to connect the printer to their PCs.

-tap on the “ADD PRINTER” driver version. Click “ADD.”

-Click NEXT to finish the printer USB configuration.

  1. Canon IJ wireless printer Windows configuration

-Power on the Canon printer, then select “Device Settings” from the settings menu.

-After selecting choices, click “OK,” then “LAN Settings,” then “OK.”

-Click down again, then “ok” to select “Wireless LAN Setup.”

-Your printer will start searching for wifi networks, and the bulb will flash.

-After selecting Wi-Fi, input the WPA/WEP key or password.

-You must click “ok” twice to complete the setup.

-Download and install the printer driver from

-After the device and printer, select “Add a printer” from the control panel’s top left.

-After choosing the right model from Windows, you may set up your printer. Canon.ijstart is where to download Canon printer drivers quickly. Install a Canon inkjet printer at / This guarantees high-quality printouts. Download, install, and set up the ij printer using the steps below.

-Download the printer’s drivers.

-Install Canon’s driver on a Mac or PC.

-Connect the printer to the PC.

-Prepared Canon inkjet printer.

  1. How can I install Canon IJ using

Here are instructions for downloading and installing Canon printer drivers.

-Use an updated browser for Canon printer setup.

-Visit’s “Set Up (Start Here)” tab.

-Next, enter the Canon printer model.

-On the screen, you can select your Canon iJ printer’s initial two letters.


-Change or pick Windows, or Mac, from the canon ij setup box.

-Finally, get canon drivers and a canon ij setup.

-Double-click the setup file in the Downloads folder to install Canon printer software.

-Follow on-screen prompts to install printer setup.

  1. Step-by-step Canon printer setup

Https Canon printer setup takes a while. Connect your inkjet printer, laptop, and PC wirelessly. If your printer is ready, follow these procedures.

Canon software: Install the Canon CD-ROM or download the Canon iJ printer setup.

-Connect to WiFi – Press the IJ printer’s WiFi button until a steady orange light appears.

-Wireless router: Press the WPS button and watch for green and blue alarm lights to flash.

-Connect to a network and check your Canon IJ printer’s network status.

-Double-click the setup files [PKG or EXE] to install the software.

-Select a connection type During Canon IJ setup installation, choose USB or wireless.

-Follow the Canon printer software installation steps, then click Finish.

If your printer can’t connect wirelessly, use a USB cord. Plug the USB cord into the laptop port to connect the Canon IJ printer.

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