CDSCO Certification: How you can prevent its cancellation


CDSCO Certification: How you can prevent its cancellation

CDSCO Certification is a CDSCO-issued mandatory certificate to import cosmetics and other medical products. Not only it’s an important certificate, it

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CDSCO Certification is a CDSCO-issued mandatory certificate to import cosmetics and other medical products. Not only it’s an important certificate, it’s also one that can quickly slip off your hands if you’re not careful. Therefore, here is the article to help you prevent its  cancellation

Importing cosmetics is a thriving business in India. Not only the grass is greener on the other side when it comes to cosmetic products, it’s also more lush, and has a lot of variety. That’s why, many importers are willing to go through the legal trials to get their hands on CDSCO Certification

That being said, we have been hearing a lots of cases of cancellation. First we thought, it was a COVID scare. However, recent years have witnessed the tightening of the regulatory leash by the Government of India. While you can’t always keep up with them, you can do what’s in your power to prevent your license from getting cancelled. 

Here are those tips. 

Keep up with the quality of your cosmetic products

It’s easy to rely on cutting corners when you have the authorization in hand. 

Who would ask to check your car if your license and registration checks out? 

However, in the case of CDSCO approval, the Central Standard Drug Control Organization is extra careful. Not only it binds you with regulations once you get your approval, it also can appear at any time at your premises to verify the product’s quality. 

If you’re not careful, and the Organization notices any discrepancy in your products, it might just cancel your  registration. 

To prevent it, you must always keep the quality of your product same as the sample you provided the Organization during CDSCO registration process. 

Inform the CDSCO of any changes in your cosmetic product

The agreement that you sign at the time you get the CDSCO certificate is binding. You can only import the product specified within that document. Not only the product should have the same labels, it should have the ingredients. 

However, if down the line you decide to change the formula to add extra oomph to your beautifying medicine, you need to keep the organization updated. 

If you don’t, CDSCO will cancel your license without issuing you any Show Cause Notice. 

Prevention tip here is simple  – communicate any change you make in the product to the Central Drug Standard Control Organization. The more compliant you are, the less likely the organization will bother you. 

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Don’t take the CDSCO certification guidelines for granted

CDSCO approval, unlike other business registrations is perpetual. You only need to obtain it once in your license and you’ll be able to import cosmetic products as long as your business exists. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you can take the perpetuity for granted. You must also consider that you are forever bound with the regulatory points of Central Drug standard control organization. CDSCO can come around to check on your product at any time. You must try to project a positive impact of your product in such cases. 

If you don’t, the organization might take offense and do something that you might regret – like cancelling your registration because no reason whatsoever.

Prevent cancellation by always positively reinforcing your cosmetics brand in the market. The more known you are, the less like CDSCO is to bother you with surprise visits. 


CDSCO certification has a lifetime validity. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be cancelled. Read this blog to learn the tips to prevent its cancellation by CDSCO.  Read more about this topic(on SelfPosts)