Cheap Custom Softball Jerseys


Cheap Custom Softball Jerseys

If you're in the market for new custom softball jerseys, sublimated printing may be the best option for your team. This process allows your custom des

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How to Design a Custom Soccer Jersey

If you’re in the market for new custom softball jerseys, sublimated printing may be the best option for your team. This process allows your custom design to be printed onto your jerseys without any minimum order requirements and no setup fees. Customized sublimated uniforms don’t peel or crack. And since they’re sublimated, they’ll stay looking brand new for many years to come.

Sublimation printing

If you want to make a lasting impression with your softball team, consider sublimation printing. This advanced printing process dyes the entire design directly onto the fabric, giving your team’s uniform a unique look. You’ve probably heard of the process, but not everyone knows exactly what it is. While the name seems like an oxymoron, it actually has several advantages. First, sublimated jerseys never fade or peel. Second, they are extremely comfortable. And, of course, they’re lighter weight than traditional jerseys, which means your players will perform better.

Another benefit of sublimated custom softball jerseys is that they’re durable. Unlike traditional screen printing, sublimation printing uses a dye-and-heat process to print the design right onto the fabric. Unlike screen-printed jerseys, sublimation prints are meant to last multiple seasons. Another advantage of sublimation over screen-printed jerseys is that it allows for multiple hues without paying extra for a second or third-color print.

Fabrics to use

When choosing a fabric for your sublimated softball jerseys, you should be aware of the material’s specifications. A sublimated jersey is typically made of polyester. Different modifications of polyester are used for different types of jerseys. You should consider the size of every player when selecting a fabric for sublimated softball jerseys. The design should be clearly legible for each player.

The sublimation process embeds the dyes in the fibers at a molecular level, which eliminates rough prints and irritation to the skin. Sublimation inks adhere to the fabric, and do not crack, peel, or fade. A sublimated softball jersey can last a lifetime if properly maintained. It is important to keep the fabric clean, and sublimation printing is fairly inexpensive.

Rules and regulations

If you’re looking to design your own softball team’s custom softball jersey, it’s best to start by sketching out ideas on paper. Make sure to follow the rules and regulations for softball jerseys and avoid breaking any of them. After you’ve decided on the design, choose the colors and text. Then, choose a template to get started. Once you’ve chosen your design, you can create the final product using the gearUP software.

Before ordering your softball team’s custom softball jerseys, check the manufacturer’s rules and regulations. If you are a high school or college team, be sure to check with your state association regarding the size and placement of the design on the jersey. Then, select the design software that fits your team’s uniform. If you’d prefer a different color or design, you can upload your own logo.


There are many reasons to choose a sublimated custom softball jersey for your team. The cost of these jerseys can range anywhere from about 80 to 100 dollars. While they’re not as expensive as traditional jerseys, they still offer great value. The best part about sublimated uniforms is that they’re made to fit perfectly and are extremely durable. Many sublimated softball jerseys are also available in different colors and designs, so your team can choose the most appropriate color scheme for their team.

The first step in creating a custom sublimated softball uniform is to design the design. You can sketch your idea on paper first. Try to adhere to the rules for designing softball uniforms. Afterward, choose a design and text for the softball uniforms and follow the rest of the process. Choose a template that matches the team’s colors and style. Choose an ink that doesn’t peel or crack.


If you want to make your own custom softball jersey, you need to know the process to make a sublimated design on a softball shirt. First of all, you need to approve the design that you want to use. Next, you have to print it on transfer paper. Make sure that the transfer paper is sized correctly and the fabric is prepared to print. The temperature of the sublimation printer is around 400 to 450 degrees centigrade.

A sublimated jersey is different from a screen-printed jersey because the design is actually dyed into the fabric. Its advantages are many. First, it is more comfortable than a screen-printed jersey. Second, the fabric remains smooth and supple. Moreover, the fabric feels lighter than conventional jerseys, which is beneficial for the players’ performance. And last but not least, the design will last for many years!