Chris Clarke Death – Missing 2 decades Christopher Clarke Bronx


Chris Clarke Death – Missing 2 decades Christopher Clarke Bronx

Chris Clarke Death – Missing 2 decades Christopher Clarke Bronx Search has been halted for 20-year-old Chris Clarke who was declared missing last Aug

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Chris Clarke Death – Missing 2 decades Christopher Clarke Bronx

Search has been halted for 20-year-old Chris Clarke who was declared missing last August 21st. Clarke, whose whereabouts were unknown after he left home to return to his friend’s house, had not been seen since early the following morning. Following an investigation that lasted weeks and included more than 1,000 phone calls, it was discovered that Clarke had passed away a few days after being reported missing in the same neighborhood where he had been sighted.

Search is coming to a close for Christopher Clarke who was declared missing last year on August 21st, 2021. The 20-year- old Clarke left the family home near East 181st Street and Clinton Avenue around 3 a.m. to walk back to his friend’s house. He never made it there though, because he went missing and was thought to have drowned while trying to walk across the Harlem River. Authorities issued a notification about Clarke’s disappearance in late August of that year, asking the public to help in locating him. After several weeks of searching and investigating, authorities identified Clarke’s body at the morgue this past weekend.

Search has been halted for the missing person Christopher Clarke who was declared missing this past August after being reported by his family and friends as an adult of 20 years of age. According to authorities, Chris is from the area near East 181st Street, and Clinton Ave where his family says he had left on foot at about 3 a.m., to return back to the home of one of his friends but never reached there. An announcement was issued later that month by the New York City Police Department looking for any assistance in locating Christopher, who they said disappeared around August 21st when they began their investigative search. After his body was found at the morgue earlier this past weekend, authorities identified him as being 20 years of age.  Authorities ask that anyone with information regarding Clarke’s disappearance or whereabouts should please contact them immediately at 1-800-577-TIPS or 311 if you are in New York City.

Chris Clarke Was Last Seen Leaving A Bar In Lumberton On April 5.

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