Coconut Soap Dish Wholesale Manufacturer in Vietnam


Coconut Soap Dish Wholesale Manufacturer in Vietnam

Nowadays, there are more and more customers seeking sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle products, including home decor products. Coconut soap dish 

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Nowadays, there are more and more customers seeking sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle products, including home decor products. Coconut soap dish wholesale is one of the ideal options for retailers and wholesalers.

coconut soap dish wholesale supplier in Vietnam

The most crucial raw material of a coconut soap dish is a natural unwanted coconut shell. Then, craftspeople handcraft it and mix it with other materials to create various types of coconut bowls for soap dishes. In this blog, let Simple Decor assist you to explore different coconut soap dish bulk mixed with differing materials.

Eggshell Coconut Soap Dish Wholesale Manufacturer in Vietnam

The eggshell is the shell of a hard-shelled egg. When combining eggshell and coconut shell, skilled craftspeople make coconut bowls for a soap dish. Artisans could change the color, size, and even pattern of these eggshell coconut bowls as requested. So, offering this customized eggshell coconut soap dish bulk bought from Vietnam could give customers a wide range of options. Exporters then deliver these handcrafted products of artisans to customers all around the world.

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eggshell coconut bowls for soap dish made in bulk in Vietnam

MOP Coconut Bowls for Soap Dish Bulk

In addition, craftspeople specializing in wholesale trading make use of mother-of-pearl (MOP) materials in order to give mixed coconut soap dishes a more alluring appearance. Mother-of-pearl is the lustrous lining on the inside of the shell of a mollusk. Because of its iridescent quality, astonishing brilliance, versatility, and organic origin, the mother of pearl is a high-demand material.mop coconut soap dish made in Vietnam

Combining coconut shells and mother-of-pearl materials, artisans could create customized MOP coconut soap dishes in bulk. They are always glittering and sparkling. Additionally, the MOP coconut soap dish has the capacity to be personalized to individual orders. With these customized products, your company has the potential to outperform the competition by differentiating the business methods. Notably, Vietnam offers a relatively affordable market, making it an ideal destination for retailers. In particular, finding suppliers of the MOP coconut soap dish there could make it easy for your company to implement cost-cutting measures.

Soap Dish Made from Lacquered Coconut Bowls by Wholesale Supplier 

Lacquer dries through solvent evaporation or a curing process, producing a hard, durable surface. In addition, the lacquer substance allows coconut soap dish manufacturers to design a variety of motifs for the lacquer coconut soap dish wholesale. Indeed, lacquer allows for more complex designs than other materials like eggshells or MOP. Regarding the lacquer material, explore more about the three most popular lacquered coconut bowls made wholesale in Vietnam here.lacquered coconut soap dish wholesaler


As a coconut soap dish wholesale manufacturer, Simple Decor believes that the customized coconut soap dish will fulfill your customers’ demand for a sustainable and waste-free lifestyle effectively. Explore more about 5 types of coconut bowls we manufacture in bulk in Vietnam here.