Different Types and Characteristics of Educational Technology Every Student Must Know


Different Types and Characteristics of Educational Technology Every Student Must Know

We are living in the era of technology where technology is changing at a rapid pace. We can see the implications of technology in almost every field.

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We are living in the era of technology where technology is changing at a rapid pace. We can see the implications of technology in almost every field. Education is one of the largest areas that are using technology. Educational technology means ethical practices that help to improve learning and performance. For this purpose, it will create, use and manage appropriate technology and resources. Teachers and educational institutions will always play an important role in this regard. These are the major driving forces that will inspire students. They will help students to use these technologies to achieve their goals. There are several major advantages of this technology. Improving collaboration and creating a good learning environment is top of the list.

Different Types of Educational Technology:

This article aims to discuss the different types of technology. Apart from this, it will also discuss its characteristics. These are the most important things that every student should know. There are three major types of  technology. So, let’s discuss each type in detail:

1. Hardware Approach:

The very first type of educational technology is the hardware approach. This approach uses engineering machines in the learning process. Engineering technology and physical science are the major components of this type. In this approach, the teacher will use machines and other mechanical devices. The prime purpose of these devices is to enhance the learning experience. These devices can be multimedia, a projector, and video-tape recorders. A teacher can teach and control many students when he is using this approach. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of using this approach. There are fewer costs associated with this approach. Students can also learn a lot of things compared to the traditional method.

2. Software Approach:

It is another type of technology. There are several other names for this approach. These names are instructional or teaching technology. Like the hardware approach, it does not use machines in the learning process. This approach uses psychological principles for teaching and achieving desirable changes. Sometimes, it will also consider using different machines. The purpose behind using machines is to make the learning process more effective. So, this approach deals with achieving learning objectives with behaviours. It will also consider teaching principles, feedback, and evaluation of technology. This approach also means teaching and learning principles to improve the education experience.

3. System Analysis:

It is the third and major type of educational technology. There is another for this type too, and that is management technology. The roots of this type go back to WWII. It provides scientific solutions to problems associated with education and management. So, It also studies the different problems that lie in the education system. It will make sure to analyse these problems conclusively. This approach also helps to improve the infrastructure of the education system. There are also major benefits of this approach. There is less cost associated with this approach. Apart from this, it makes the education system more effective.

Characteristics of Educational Technology:

There are several characteristics of educational technology. Let’s discuss those in detail:

  • One of the key characteristics of technology is science. Everything evolves around science and its implications in the education system.
  • Every time, educationists will check the cause and effect of any implication. So is the case with technology. It will analyse the relationship between science and education.
  • It has helped to develop various teaching methods for effective learning. The prime example in this regard is a micro-teaching method. There are other methods, too. They are simulate teaching interaction analysis and programmed learning methods.
  • It is making the use of machines in the education sector easy. We are using machines in almost every field because of technology.
  • There are always some teachings and learning objectives that you need to achieve. It is making it easier to achieve those objectives scientifically.
  • There is always a distance between students and teachers. But, technology minimises these gaps. It is helping both teachers and students to come close. It is also helping to improve student-teacher interaction. This way, it helps both to continue the learning process.


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