Do not  Miss These 10 Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2022 For Best Feedback Management

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Do not Miss These 10 Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2022 For Best Feedback Management

In a digital world, where every business is becoming digital, at the same time, customer feedback has also become digital.  Though digital feedback is

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In a digital world, where every business is becoming digital, at the same time, customer feedback has also become digital.  Though digital feedback is not easy to manage, one can manage the feedback with the help of the best feedback tools. This blog will get to know the best roadmap tools that will increase productivity and facilitate customer feedback management. 

Here in this blog, you will get a list of the best customer feedback management tools.

10 Customer feedback management tools


Feedsocio selects the most beneficial growth of the company and best customer feedback management, and the development plan is prioritised based on the most popular customer input. Additionally, Feedsocio can easily update and disseminate critical information, ensuring that users are constantly informed. 

With the help of Feedsocio, brands and businesses will be able to learn about customer preferences and obtain suggestions for their next product.It can be really accessible for the customer feedback management.


Typeform is  a very  popular feedback collecting tool. When it comes to adding extra features like videos and graphics, Typeform comes in useful, and the interactive, one question at a time kind of survey experience has a lot of followers. Overall, the survey creation interface is fairly user-friendly.

Unlimited questions and answers, custom-designed themes, and a user-friendly interface are all included in the blue-ribbon package. Its Pricing is $35 per month is the starting point.


AskNicely is a platform that primarily evaluates Net Promoter Score (NPS), the industry standard for determining customer loyalty and forecasting growth. Furthermore, AskNicely is capable of doing so with just one inquiry.

On a scale of 1 to 10, consumers are asked how likely they are to recommend your business in NPS surveys. The question assesses the level of consumer loyalty.

Survey Money 

SurveyMonkey is another popular feedback management tool. It  has a lot of features, but some of them are buried under a lot of clutter.

This product feedback programme is equipped with flexible and collaborative features to meet practically all survey requirements. And you don’t have to be concerned about survey data security any longer. SurveyMonkey is the most secure and secured survey platform available. The cheapest plan is $31 per month.


GetSatisfaction works with businesses of all sizes to help them build compelling customer experiences that save support costs, increase customer acquisition, and drive product innovation.

Companies may use this customer feedback system software to construct and integrate solutions for collecting consumer feedback and creating communities.


UseResponse manages a help centre and offers 24/7 customer service across all platforms.

In addition to the feedback and community forum that UseResponse provides, you may have access to a live chat client. The cheapest plan is $49 per month.

User Report 

UserReport is built around two simple tools: a survey and a discussion board. It allows you to have direct engagement with your consumers and understand who they are, what they are looking for – and how they believe you can improve by running as an integrated component of your website or app, making it the greatest product feedback tool out there.


CustomerSure  assists  the company’s growth by guaranteeing that the best possible customer experience is provided each and every time. The nicest part about this software is that it focuses on not just evaluating satisfaction but also making it simple for you to increase it. But first, a word of caution. This customer feedback software is on the more expensive side of the range.


InMoment collects consumer feedback using video, audio, text, and active listening. Because InMoment is geared for larger businesses, solutions are tailored to each one. All of these have several elements with  the help of InMoment: consumer feedback, outreach, analytics, and staff involvement, to name a few.

The nicest part about this tool, however, is that it provides extremely granular data as well as multi-location functionality.


Podium enables businesses to be proactive in requesting internet evaluations, which may lead to increased revenue. Small companies may also control their complete internet reputation from one location thanks to the aggregate dashboard. The technology is effective in aggregating all evaluations, feedback, and conversations into a single location.


If you’re seeking a way to collect all of your important customer comments, insights, and reviews, a right customer feedback tool may be the best option. It is especially true if you own a SaaS, Product Studio, or E-commerce company. Feedback tools may also be used by a technology business searching for a consumer interaction. It can be highly accessible for customer feedback management.