Facts Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Facts Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I first came out of their shell over 30 years ago the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I reemerged from the shadows numerous times creating generations of

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I first came out of their shell over 30 years ago the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I reemerged from the shadows numerous times creating generations of fans of all ages what follows are 10 pieces of trivia about the various incarnations of those heroes in a half shell but one of these entries as Michelangelo might put it is totally bogus.

Dude can you spot this big fact before revealing the answer at the end of the video well if you can’t someone will probably spoil it in the comments without further ado here are 9 fax and one lie about Ninja Turtle Names.

Number 1

We all turtles live extremely long lives in the same can be said for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise since 1984 there have been 6 feature films 5 different television series dozens of video games mountains of merchandise and a library of comic books released by a whopping 4 different publishers and that’s not even counting the live-action concert series

Number 2

TMNT was originally shown in the U. K. the name was changed to teenage mutant hero turtles because the terminal manager was deemed to be too violent and all other instances of the surfer phrase bomber had to be censored because in British slang that word has a much more homophobic meaning.

Number 3

that wasn’t the only controversy the original release of the playmates racking action figure was pulled from stores because 1 of the figure’s accessories was clearly a belt made out of a dead cat with tire tracks on it this outraged some parents, as well as animal rights activists and a second version of the toy, was released without the problematic belt but it’s surprising it’s the original road kill cat belt toy that sought after by collectors.

Number 4

there was briefly a 15 to turtle in the form of Venus de Milo a female addition to the team introduced in the short-lived live-action series the next mutation but she didn’t stick around much after that later Jerry Carlson writer of the TMNT image comics series was apparently told strictly no female turtles.

Number 5

Ernie Reyes junior who played keno the turtle human sidekick in the secret of the ooze actually had a major role in the first live-action film as Donatello stunt double.

Number 6

The cover of the very first Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortle Names comic was an homage to Frank Miller’s ronin comic the entire premise was initially a send-up of Marvel comics of the time teenage mutants were everywhere in the pages of X. men and the new mutants and the foot clan it was in fact a spoof of marbles ninja army the hand meanwhile it’s even implied that the cruise canister that mutated the turtles was the same 1 that blighted Matt Murdock giving him the heightened senses that allowed him to become daredevil.

Number 7

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the secretive, you as we’re introduced to 2 brand-new mutated animal men the snapping turtle and will do well toca and raise our originally those were intended to be shredders bumbling warthog rhino henchman bebop and rocksteady.

However, those 2 characters were tangled up in prior licensing agreements with not only the animated series but also the playmates toyline speaking.

Number 8

the pizza store vehicle released by playmates for the original toyline was repurposed several times over the years first as an earthworm Jim vehicle that never got released later as a chicken run pie thrower and finally again as a new ninja turtles vehicle that launched manhole covers number 9 the 2016 ninja turtles film out of the.

Shadows underperformed commercially unfortunately canceling all plans for a sequel which is a genuine disappointment because I hate that’s a really fun movie and beat it means we are robbed of the opportunity to see Tyler Perry’s character Baxter stockman mutated into giant flight something the producers have seriously been planning for the next bill.

Number 10

The turtles are all famously named after 4 renaissance artists but while the mutant reptiles are all in the same adolescent age range their apparent counterparts were all contemporaries the sculptor Donatello died Leonardo da Vinci was a teenager almost 10 years before Michelangelo.

But Roddy was born also the turtle Donatello famously does machines but really that was more of a real-life there are us for tax now which of these Teenage Mutant Ninja factoids is a work of frivolous fiction let’s recap shall we number 16 movies 5 shows for comic book publishers in a live-action concert series

  • Number 2 bizarre censorship in the U. K.
  • Number 3 a controversial rafting accessory
  • Number 4 no girl turtles allowed
  • Number 5 Donatello stunt double
  • Number 6 the Marvel Comics connections
  • Number 7 Robert rock city getting recast
  • Number 8 the prolific pizza thrower
  • Number 9 Tyler Perry almost getting turned into a flight
  • Number 10 why are historians hate the turtles well

If you smelled a rat with number 3 when I was telling you about the dead cat belt you’ve got a good notes the rat king action figure did include or we’ll kill cat belt which is certainly a screwed up accessory for children’s toys.

But in 1989 parents were probably more concerned with NWA lyrics and animal rights folks had their hands full with the Exxon Valdez spill which unfortunately did not create a new crime fighter.


So if you see a rat king action figure that doesn’t have its roadkill capped out that’s not because of any controversy that’s probably just because small toy accessories can easily get lost over the course of 30 years what’s your favorite piece of internal trivia and which corner of the pop culture would you like to hear 9 facts.