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India is a country of many festivals and cultures to bring the families together in a bond of love. It is through the significance of each and every f

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India is a country of many festivals and cultures to bring the families together in a bond of love. It is through the significance of each and every festival that it is celebrated with zest and happiness. Rakhi is one such festival to celebrate the sacred bond between a brother and sister. It is one of the occasions to bring the entire together and enjoy the season of love and oneness. This innocent festival comes in the month of Shravana on a Poornima or full moon day when it is most pleasant. The month is the best month for farmers, fishermen, and businessmen as they get the most business. This season of good weather and manifold increase in the various production. It is the perfect way to thank your ancestors and god.
The festival of brothers and sisters is celebrated all across the country but is most prominent in the areas of North and West India. The ways and manners of traditions and rituals may differ but the central theme of Rakhi remains the same in their hearts.

6 Best Fancy Lumba Rakhi Designs – Here’s How to Entice your Sweet Bhabhi!!

It is only your family who supports you through the roller-coaster of life! A lot has changed in the last few years, but one thing that is more or less the same is the trend of the joint family, in India. Though Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of the bond between brothers and sisters, moreover, when your brother is married, your sister-in-law is equally important.


How wonderful it is to know that fashion can be perfectly amalgamated with traditions and it can then nurture the bond of friendship between a girl and her sister-in-law! Here are some of the fancy Lumba Rakhi designs for Bhabhi that will perfectly warm the cockles of her heart. Here we go…


Stone Studded Lumba Rakhi

The doyen of your brother’s heart is your sister-in-law, and it’s important to maintain an amicable relationship with her. If you have seen her fashion kit filled with a variety of stone-studded designer jewelry, she must be a great lover of stone embellished items. She will hop in merriment tying a stone-studded fancy Lumba Rakhi.

Top 10 Fancy Bracelet Rakhi for Brother

Festivities give us the reason to carouse in merriment. With the festival of Raksha Bandhan around the corner, happiness can be felt in the air and glory in the shining sun. It is the celebration of brother-sister love and bonding. On the morning of Raksha Bandhan, siblings get ready in traditional attires; sisters decorate their Rakhi thalis with an auspicious thread, sweets, and roli-chawal. Then, as per the Subh Rakhi Muharat, sisters tie, rakhi on their brother’s wrist, and in return brother blesses the sister with gifts.

A rakhi is the “Raksha Sutra” that when tied by the sister on her brother’s Kalai (wrist) protects him from all the evils. The Raksha Sutra or Rakhi is believed to have healing properties. Raksha Bandhan– the bond of protection is incomplete without the Raksha Kavach, i.e. Rakhi.
The festival that honors the unbreakable bond of brothers and sisters cannot see the light of the day without a Rakhi. This is the prime reason why sisters gear up for Rakhi preparations months before, hunting for the perfect rakhi for their brother.
The sheer enthusiasm to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in sisters is all because of the Rakhi shopping. From the Rudraksha rakhi to silver rakhis, online portals and markets are all dazzled up with beauties.

Over the years, fancy rakhi’s have captivated the hearts of the sisters and wrists of the brothers. Recently, the bracelet rakhi has been ruling the festival of Raksha Bandhan.


Fancy Rakhi

Fancy rakhi is the norm in rakhi celebrations. Every brother wants to feel special and loved on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. What better way for sisters to show their love for their brothers than to tie a beautiful fancy rakhi on their wrists? Fancy rakhi comes in different sizes and shapes. They are a new upgrade to the traditional threads that sisters would tie in the older times.

Best Collection of Fancy Rakhi on

We here at bring the finest collection of fancy rakhis available anywhere. You can find the design you want and your brother would love to show it off on his decorated wrist. From floral designs to cartoons we have everything for every age group. Even the material of the rakhi is available in various types to give you the best experience and choice.

Fancy Rakhi
When it’s the festival of Rakhi is just a few days ahead, then preparations for the festival is sure to make you all busy for the search for the best Rakhi for your loving brothers? So all the sisters out there in the search for the best Rakhi for their loving brothers just have a look at our offered range of Fancy Rakhi.

On this Raksha Bandhan, Tie a Fancy Rakhi on Your Brother’s Wrist

Rakhi is the best festival for strengthening and reviving the sweet and loving relationship of every brother and sister. It is the auspicious festival of Hindus for which there are many rituals and customs that are followed by the people for years. On the day of celebration, sisters tie their brothers a sacred thread that is known as Rakhi and prays for their well-being and success. On the other hand, the brothers promise to keep their sisters protected from any kind of harm. They share sweets further and offer gifts to each other.


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