Flutter Marks the Beginning of Gen-Next Application Development

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Flutter Marks the Beginning of Gen-Next Application Development

Flutter is an open-source framework released by Google in the year 2017. Flutter allows the creation of mobile applications on Android and iOS with a

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Flutter is an open-source framework released by Google in the year 2017. Flutter allows the creation of mobile applications on Android and iOS with a single code base and is therefore called a cross-application developer.

Why is Flutter so popular among app developers?

Flutter is geared towards developing apps that resonate with end-users. It focuses on attractive designs, easy navigation, interactive animations, and top-notch overall performance. The use of Flutter has grown like wildfire and has become the second most preferred development language in 2020. You can also Hiring an app developer for create a mobile application using flutter.  

Why Flutter?

Flutter is trending for the following reasons:

Development of cross-platform applications

Flutter’s primary specialty is its unique codebase used to develop apps on different platforms like iOS and Android. Flutter app development allows its developers to save time and increase efficiency. Our company is flutter app development company in India.

Easy to learn

For a developer familiar with the Java language, learning Flutter is child’s play. Developer experienced with Flutter gets off to a good start in interviews.

Attractive user interface

Flutter is well-known for its appealing designs and top-notch performance. Thus, the developers are sure to create the most beautiful user interface for the end-users. Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit used to build gorgeous natively compiled apps for mobile, desktop, and the web from a programming language.

Flutter has a layered architecture that allows for custom design and fast rendering. Application developers create and operate widgets which are the visual blocks of the application. Devices allow seamless navigation, icon customization, easy scrolling, fonts, and sizes. Developers can create innovative and customizable expandable headers.

Rapid development

Flutter is well known for its Hot Reload option. This option allows developers to preview code as they develop it. Additionally, developers can make changes at any time. Flutter 1.20 is the most significant release to improve design and ease of coding.

Cost and time effective

Flutter’s widgets can create a fantastic compilation of media and animations. Flutter can help startups build apps quickly and maintain brand originality with brilliant UI/UX design. Flutter reduces the time needed for app development. Therefore, apps developed using Flutter are affordable.

Desktop and web app features

Flutter combines mobile and web development with a single technology with different operating systems. This is done without compromising performance. Google-enabled Flutter mobile apps have web support, which means web view control allows viewing and displaying dynamic content without rewriting. Flutter’s most notable feature is the desktop. Flutter supports Linux and macOS desktop apps.

Floating AR Abilities

Flutter supports AR. Flutter AR Apss can be developed using Unity ARKit & AR Foundation offered by Apple. 3D and games can be more realistic by adding a Unity 3D widget to your Flutter project.

What is Flutter, and why is it increasing?

Flutter is an open-source framework created by Google. It helps in building cross-platform mobile apps with a single codebase. In short, a user can use one programming language and codebase to develop different apps for different operating systems like iOS and Android.

And why is it burning? The reason is straightforward! It promotes seamless animation, beautiful design, and top-notch performance. In a nutshell, it delivers precisely what end-users want.

Google released Flutter in 2017. It uses a dark object-oriented programming language which grew by 532% in 2018 and 2019. The word spread like fire, and everyone started trusting it. Flutter more than ever. It has served organizations like Alibaba, Google Ads, My Leaf, etc., with its incredible offers.

Did you know?

The top five countries benefiting from Flutter are India, China, the US, the EU, and Brazil.

About 50,000 Flutter apps are launched on the Play Store, and about 10,000 have been downloaded in the last two months.

About 35% of Flutter developers work for startups, 26% for enterprise developers, 19% are freelancers and about 7% work for design.

Flutter is expected to capture 60% of the app development market in the next five years.

What made Flutter the most sought-after mobile app development framework?

Reduced code development time

Typically, moving an average-sized Android app to the test device takes about a minute. If you’re lucky, the process can be smooth and excellent, but you have to spend more time adjusting the layout most of the time. Yes, we know that we can use Android Studio to correct the form. But let us tell you that it comes with limited features and you might not get exactly what you want.

In Flutter, we have a feature called “hot reload.” You can use this feature to see the applied changes instantly. It saves you time and effort, making Flutter the fastest mobile app development platform.

Developer Favorites

You just said, how will being a developer’s favorite benefit my business?

They are the ones that grow for your business, and in our experience, a happy developer = a better product.

So what about Flutter that makes a developer happy?

First, it gives the developer the freedom to build apps in both operating systems, i.e., Android and iOS, with a single code base. It also has a portable GPU (also efficient) that allows it to run on various interfaces.

Better speed to market

Who doesn’t want their products to hit the market at the speed of light? But often, to achieve this, we have to compromise on quality. Fortunately, we now have Flutter. The thing is, the Flutter development framework works faster and much better than any other platform.

This is because the developer does not need to write any specific code to achieve his goals. One can select a 2D-based user interface, implement it in Flutter and enjoy it.

Technology Perspective

For starters, Flutter is made up of unique plugins. They help the entire system thrive with the packages used for Android app development services. It also offers smooth, natural scrolling and rich motion APIs to enhance user experience.

Objects are an integral part of Flutter and are used to assign them without any locks. This eliminates any stuttering or UI junkies regarding allocations.

Is Flutter good for your business?

A big yes!! Flutter saves time and money for businesses, especially startups. Flutter comes with many unique features, widgets, and tools that risk and protect your business from any monetary loss. Since Google’s Fuchsia OS works seamlessly with Flutter, you can ensure smooth product development. Flutter is very popular for its quality and seamless integration.

Thus, Flutter is a must-have and affordable solution for a business because there are no significant risks; you get the advantage of cutting-edge technology, which helps you keep your apps trending for the future.

Why should you consider Flutter for developing mobile apps?

Also, here are some crucial and interesting points that show how Flutter benefits your business,

Smooth product development will occur as Google’s Fuchsia OS works seamlessly with Flutter.

You’ll quickly find engineers who love Flutter (for obvious reasons). Hence, easily hire a flutter app developer.

Flutter offers easy integration and uncompromising quality


Flutter is a reliable enterprise solution that avoids barriers, brings advanced technology trends to keep your app future-proof, and makes onboarding smooth as butter. In addition, it minimizes the risks for your business. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Flutter application development services deserve to be your number one choice for mobile app development. And you can always find a trustworthy Flutter app development company to meet your needs.