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Garden Decoration Ideas

The house has a very deep sentimental value in our lives, and having garden decoration ideas makes the house a more cozy place to live. And not onl

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The house has a very deep sentimental value in our lives, and having garden decoration ideas makes the house a more cozy place to live.

And not only inside the house, but also in the garden that completely completes a house that has life and lightness with the right decoration.

At first you don’t need to be a professional in gardening and decoration to create an elegant environment.

Check out the creative ideas to start building your home with more charm, a complete tutorial.

Creative Ideas to Decorate the Garden

First, do some specific planning before you start building your garden.

Especially following a choice to create your garden, it is very easy to know what you need to use, whether stones, flowers, vases, among others.

Modern Garden Decoration Idea

garden in corners and stairs

image source : pinterest

In this modern garden model, everything is made with home elements such as chairs, tables, stairs, stones, flowers.

In addition, it is a space for social coexistence between friends and family and provides a closer contact with nature.

A garden decoration ideas whether in the house or apartment in small spaces.

Classic Garden Idea

garden with shapes and roses

image source : pinterest

It has striking features with its symmetrical, geometric formations and distances from spaces, creating a harmonic design between the parts.

In this sense, the use of statues, vases, carved flower beds, plants with designs are very common in this garden model.

In other words, they are gardens designed to be a differentiator with their striking style and impressive for their beauty.

English Garden Idea

garden decor ideas

Now, for the English garden, the composition of the elements in the construction differs from the others, which have organic forms due to their characteristic.

The flowers, bushes, the soil, beds, among different arrangements, are all made to be as natural as possible, without the use of topiary.

An English garden with a totally organic environment and surprising with its beauty.

Tropical Garden Idea

garden decor ideas

image source : 4 Simple Technique 

In the same way this environment has forms of native and tropical forests creating a natural resemblance, without the interference of man.

In creating the garden, different styles of foliage and palm trees were used, with the presence of low vegetation to create connection.

A harmonious garden between species, its essence is the tropical forms of the forests.

Japanese Garden Idea

According to the Japanese garden’s connection with Eastern spiritual philosophy is very strong, and this consists of an environment of meditation and peace.

The elements of stones, water, bushes, bridge and lamps are unique styles of the Japanese garden.

It is an environment of harmony and meditation for Orientals, having a direct connection with the spiritual.

An environment of Japanese tradition, uniting the sacred with mental well-being.

Rocky Garden Idea

In the same way, this garden reproduces a landscape of dry environment and vegetation of plants such as cacti and succulents, also using sand and stones.

The rocky gardens have similar characteristics with the dry deserts and arid climate, their highlights are the plants.

On the other hand, it is a style that extols the beauty of the dry climate with each element, and can be created in very small spaces.

Unlike the gardens that use water, earth and low vegetation, the rocky garden detaches from these compositions.

Vertical Garden Idea

As much as a house or apartment with little space, the vertical garden is the best decoration option to be able to feel nature closer.

It is a practical and simple model to start making, your plants can be small with suspended structures.

In addition to the beauty of complementing the living room or balcony, it offers an aspect of beauty and well-being.

After all, you have already chosen which garden you prefer to start building today.