How Medical Astrology Helps In Healing Ailments?


How Medical Astrology Helps In Healing Ailments?

Medical astrology is the most less known term, which is traditionally known as “iatromathematics.” It is a form of ancient astrology which is mostly b

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Medical astrology is the most less known term, which is traditionally known as “iatromathematics.” It is a form of ancient astrology which is mostly based on melothesia. Moreover, medical astrology is linked with the science of astrology. Such a type of astrology is used when an individual wants to know about their physical and mental weakness or strengths. Thus, an astrologer in New York will look at your planetary positions at the time of birth and your zodiac signs to predict the readings.

Moreover, astrology is the antiquity of science. Medical astrology also provides professionals in medical that can help in knowing the actual cause of breaking down of some organs in the individual’s body. The horoscope also exposes a person’s emotional and mental patterns, which may predispose him to particular illnesses.

Hence, the human body is divided into 12 segments, which correspond to the 12 zodiac signs, according to astrology. Sickness is caused by the placement of weakened planets in a zodiac sign in a specific house of the horoscope. For example, because Aries, the first zodiac sign, rules the head, the presence of certain planets in the first house of a person with an Aries ascendant may cause migraines and headaches.

Scope Of Medical Astrology

It has a substantial presence in India. It considers more in-depth themes concerning human life. The treatment of diseases in Western medicine is based on a systematic approach. However, several researchers have recently begun looking into the root causes. In India, some doctors maintain contact with knowledgeable Astrologers and frequently consult them about their patients. Thus, astrology also believes in Karma theory. Hence, it will be great to find the best astrologer in New York. The following criteria are taken into account by medical astrology.

  • Men and women have various ailments.
  • There are common diseases in men and women.
  • When children are born, some of them are born with diseases that are inherited from their parents, which can be according to their past Karma.

Different diets suit different people, different types of exercise suit different people, and different work environments suit different people. Despite the fact that Medical Astrology is a very complex and scientific branch of Astrology, a few things can help the layperson achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. People with all or most of their masculine planets have higher chances of developing “dry” and “hot” conditions. It can be stress, high blood pressure, fevers, heart condition, etc.

Role of Medical Astrology In Healing Ailments

In addition, once the ailment has appeared, a trained medical practitioner should be consulted, but the key to health success is to avoid the disease in the first place. To heal the ailments most astrologers will suggest activities like painting, swimming, playing, listening to music, hiking, singing, dancing, and many more. It will help to correct the elemental imbalance and entirely avoid these potential health concerns.

With the use of the birth chart and the Dashas of planets that are influencing the planets, Health Astrology can determine health difficulties. The Sixth House is known as the House of Diseases and Sickness. The disease is caused by the planet’s position, which causes negativity and might aggravate the condition. Health Astrology can also anticipate future health issues based on the current status.

In human life, astrology and Ayurveda are inextricably linked. People are well aware of the importance of astrology in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and understanding disease causation. When a physician understands the cause of a condition, he may treat it with specific medications, diets, and lifestyle changes while simultaneously avoiding the causative elements. Thus, with the help of astrology, an individual is able to get the proper guidance at the right time.

Moreover, astrology and health have been developing since ancient India. Thus, astrological principles are most commonly applied as rituals that are related to health care, illness relief, and health care. An astrologer in New York will help in providing guidance for what remedies an individual can take to cure their ailment on time. Even medicinal herbs were harvested and used at the right times to maximize their effectiveness.


Medical astrology is linked with healing many health conditions. Along with this, it will also help in providing the proper guidance for the mental and physical changes in a person’s life. Thus, medical astrology is another important aspect of astrology.

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