How the Best Virtual Sales Training Helps You Jumpstart a Stalled Deal


How the Best Virtual Sales Training Helps You Jumpstart a Stalled Deal

Salespeople everywhere know the struggle of a stalled deal. Everything seemed to be going well. You had identified a problem in your buyer’s current s

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Salespeople everywhere know the struggle of a stalled deal. Everything seemed to be going well. You had identified a problem in your buyer’s current state that your product can fix. The buyer agreed that they can reach their desired future state with your help. They were rolling down the pipeline, and all of a sudden, they went dark. Silence. Regardless of what they said before, they aren’t returning your calls or answering your emails. In this situation, it can be hard to know what to do. However, if you’ve followed the tips from a high-quality virtual sales training system, you have all the tools you need to jumpstart this stalled deal.

You Won’t Save the Deal if You Panic

Whatever you do, it’s crucial you stay calm. You have all the objection handling skills you need if you’ve taken the correct B2B and SaaS sales training. If your client has gone dark without warning, that means they might have some unanswered objections. You just have to know how to get the deal back on track so you can address these concerns.

Here’s an example of what not to do. Imagine you’re in the market for a new car. You’ve gone to a dealership and given them your phone number, but you have a change of heart or decide you need to think about it some more, so you don’t return. What does the panicking salesperson do? They leave you 10 voicemails and a dozen emails practically begging you to come back so they can close the deal and get their commission check. Despite the number of messages, none of them address your concerns. Don’t be this person. Instead, here’s what you should do.

Virtual Sales Training Helps You Remind Them of Their Current State and Their Problems

When a deal goes dark and you remain calm, you can take advantage of all the previously laid groundwork. If you have conducted a thorough discovery of your customer, something the best virtual sales training will teach you, you know the root causes of the problems they face in their current state. Whether you have got them on the phone or leave them a voicemail, start by highlighting these again. Remind them that by avoiding you, they are ignoring the root causes of their problems and prolonging them.

If you stopped the process of buying a car, you had a good reason. Maybe you wanted to rethink your options, or you had other life events pop up. It could have been any number of things. However, if the salesperson calls you, they might say, “I’m confused. You said you spend too much money on gas but have a long commute?” This reminds you of the problems you face (spending too much money on gas) and the solution you were seeking (a car with better gas mileage). This shows that the salesperson not only knows your problems on a personal level but is also willing and able to help solve them.

Bring Their Goals Back Into Focus

Now that you’ve brought the problems of their current state back into focus, you can position your product or service as the bridge to their desired future state. If they have more objections or attempt to slow down the process, it is time to remind them of what they said and how you can help. Objection handling in sales is about showing your customer what they need to succeed. Also, if you’ve done your job well, you shouldn’t have many objections to address in the first place!

The car salesperson would now show you the gas mileage of the car you were considering. It’s a vast improvement over your current mileage, and you can see that you would save thousands of dollars on gas over the year. Your future state is clear, and you realize that this car is how you get there. The salesperson has done their job. Instead of panicking, they returned to the basics and brought your attention to the important facts about your current state and desired future state to jumpstart the deal.

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