How the Dashboard Makes or Breaks Fleet Management Software


How the Dashboard Makes or Breaks Fleet Management Software

We’ve all been there - we’re working with a potent software solution that has answers to all our pain points; however, there is something that just do

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We’ve all been there – we’re working with a potent software solution that has answers to all our pain points; however, there is something that just doesn’t sit well. Is it the interface? Or is it a bad homepage functioning as the dashboard? Fleet management itself is a very complex task. Therefore, when fleet management software solutions add to that complexity through ambiguous interfaces and dashboards, things only get worse, and nobody wants that. 

In this article, we will talk about how important it is for you to choose your next fleet management software according to the dashboard functionality!

Why Does the Software Dashboard Matter So Much? 


For starters, it is the homepage or the starting page of the software. Imagine opening your fleet management system and 

  • Being bombarded with overwhelming and unorganized information 
  • Not getting the necessary information you immediately need 

In either case, you are either losing mental energy on haphazardness or time and energy in delving deep into the software unnecessarily. 


When the software you’re using has a good dashboard, you get to

  • See relevant information right when you open the fleet management platform 
  • Have everything pre-managed for you so that you only have to supervise 
  • Save time spent on making sense of user interface and information metrics
  • Spend your time only on things that necessarily require human attention, such as strategy formulation


What Does a Good Fleet Management Software Dashboard Look Like? 


Naturally, all industries and requirements have different things that managers might have to supervise. Therefore, this is not a one-size-fits-all situation. However, let us walk you through what good fleet management software generally have right on their dashboard

  • Live tracking map
  • Summary of active, inactive, running, and idling vehicles
  • Each vehicle’s registration number 
  • Each vehicle’s IMEI and Sim 
  • Vehicle’s manager and tour manager 
  • Basic vehicle diagnostics such as tire pressure and type 
  • Ignition status 
  • GSM status and operator 
  • Running status and closest to the most accurate location point 
  • Active/Inactive sensors 
  • Current running speed 
  • Other information that the manager might need right away


Naturally, there can be some alterations to what fleet managers need to make their fleet most efficient. However, these are some basic things they will want to see right away when they open their fleet management software. 


Having all this information pre-ready to be served to them on a hot platter that is the software dashboard improves fleet and management efficiency. 


A good dashboard is a part of ease of software usability – something that can make or break the software system’s sales. 

Vehicle GPS Tracking Has Never Been Simpler! 


Are you looking for a GPS tracking and fleet management software solution for your vehicles? You should only use software that not only solves all your pain points through potent use cases and features but is also simple to use. 


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