How to Care for Wavy Hair Every Day to Keep It Healthy


How to Care for Wavy Hair Every Day to Keep It Healthy

You're perhaps the envy of everyone in your vicinity if you're blessed with naturally wavy hair. Other hair types yearn for the gorgeous volume and te

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You’re perhaps the envy of everyone in your vicinity if you’re blessed with naturally wavy hair. Other hair types yearn for the gorgeous volume and texture that naturally wavy hair already has. But whether you choose a sleek, straight look or embrace your beachy waves, you probably struggle with frizz like your sisters with curly hair waw products.

Wavy hair is neither as thin and oily as straight hair nor as rough and dry as natural curls. Despite the appearance of being low maintenance, maintaining a gorgeous mane of waves requires a lot of work. Like all types of hair, wavy hair requires special maintenance.

In this article, we’ll first understand what makes your wavy hair special. Then, we’ll look at what to avoid to not damage your waves and finally, how to care for wavy hair, so your waves stay healthy Hair Every Day.

Table of Contents:

  • What Exactly Is Wavy and onion hair oil?
  • What to Avoid When You Have Wavy
  • How to Care for Wavy Every Day
  • Use the right shampoo
  • Use a lot of conditioner
  • Detangle it the right way
  • Use deep-hydration masks
  • Dry, style, and protect it properly

What Exactly Is Wavy Hair?

On the surface, your wavy  may appear to be a slightly curled version of straight. However, wavy hair actually belongs to the curly hair family. And as anybody with curly  will tell you, maintaining it is a task  Every Day!

Let’s talk about the problems that wavy textures, whether they are fine, medium, or coarse, may encounter.

You might be worried about weighed-down waves if your hair tends to have looser, softer curves.

The dryness and frizz typical for curly hair may be present in a wave type with a curly lean.

Finer waves are more likely to accumulate grease and oil, and loose S-curves let the grease reach your hair’s ends.

Additionally, any friend with curly hair who goes out for a night of fun can attest to the styling struggle of feeling like every product they use just makes their style look flat.

So, let’s begin with what you must avoid when you have wavy hair so you can care for it properly without feeling overwhelmed!

What to Avoid When You Have Wavy Hair

There are a few absolute ‘must-not-dos’ that you need to keep in mind when you have wavy :

  • Don’t use heat! Styling with hot tools like straighteners or curlers will only leave your dehydrated and frizzier than before.
  • Say goodbye to towels! Use a cotton cloth or a cotton T-shirt to dry your  instead. The cotton material will help define your waves without stripping your of moisture  Every Day.
  • Keep extra-thick conditioners away! Use a lightweight to medium conditioner to hydrate your waves. The extra-thick ones will only leave it looking flat and greasy.

How to Care for Wavy Hair Every Day

Now, let’s look at what you should do every day to keep your waves looking and being healthy!

  • Use the right shampoo

Like every -care routine, caring for wavy begins with choosing the right shampoo. Not all curly-shampoos are going to benefit your waves Every Day.

Choose a hydrating shampoo that will allow your texture to remain the way it is instead of forcing it to become straighter or curlier.

  • Use a lot of conditioner

While using extra-thick conditioners will flatten your waves and make them look greasy, it’s still important to use a lot of conditioner often.

Remember that you’re going to detangle your hair in the shower, so you need a lot of low-density conditioner to make the knots easy to remove. And since wavy hair should be washed as less frequently as once a week, you can wash it with conditioner in between two shampoo days.

  • Detangle it the right way

Do not attempt to detangle your waves when the is dry. Only detangle it in the shower with a lot of conditioner slathered on. The conditioner makes it easy to loosen the knots and detangle your without damaging it too much.

Remember to use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb only. Don’t use a on wavy (in the shower or otherwise).

  • Use deep-hydration hair masks

Even if you wash your with conditioner every day in between two shampoo days, it’s still important to use a deeply hydrating hair mask that will deep-condition your waves. This will not only keep it look healthy but will also make your hair stronger.

However, avoid masks (and any other products) with a lot of chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and silicones in them. They destroy the natural texture of your and will only make them frizzier and more damaged.

  • Dry, style, and protect it properly

The best way to dry your waves is to wrap them in a cotton T-shirt after washing. The cotton T-shirt will absorb all the excess water without dehydrating the and will also help define the waves. Avoid blow drying it at all costs.

Similarly, it’s best to style your without any heated tools. You can leave them loose to flaunt their natural texture or use pins and wraps to secure your waves.

How to care for wavy is a big question that almost everyone with this type has because the is neither completely straight nor curly. Follow the tips given above to maintain healthy, happy waves and flaunt the natural texture of your!

There is no simpler way to spruce your look than to change your color. Using semi-permanent dye is a great way to change your hair color without damaging your hair. That’s because this kind of dye just coats your  and does not penetrate it.

What if the hair color did not turn out the way you thought it would? You hate the color because it does not suit your complexion or features at all. What next? How do you get the semi-permanent dye out? Thankfully, there are easy ways to do that. And they do not involve bleach.

Table of Contents:

  • Can You Get Semi-Permanent Dye Out?
  • Ways to Get Semi-Permanent Dye Out
  • Mix Shampoo with Baking Soda
  • Vitamin C Tablets
  • Vinegar Rinse
  • Dish Soap and Shampoo

Can You Get Semi-Permanent Dye Out?

Before we get into the details, let’s answer the burning question. Is it even possible to get semi-permanent dye out?

The answer is yes. Semi-permanent dye does not mix with the natural pigment of your. That is why most semi-permanen colors wash out in six to twelve washes.

Will you get your natural color back? Maybe!

If you have not bleached your, it may be possible to get your natural  color back. However, bleach lightens your color. Although you may be able to get your semi-permanent dye out, you may not be able to regain your natural color.

Ways to Get Semi-Permanent Dye Out

Your semi-permanent  dye will eventually wash out. However, if you want to speed up the process, these tips will help.

  • Mix Shampoo with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural cleaning agent, and you may have used it to remove stains around the house. It can also be useful to wash out  dye at home. Plus, it does not damage your hair at all.

All you need to do is mix equal parts of clarifying shampoo and baking soda. We recommend the Wow Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. In case you do not have a clarifying shampoo, an anti-dandruff shampoo would work just as well. Try our Wow Green Tea and Tea Tree Shampoo.

Mix equal parts of shampoo and baking soda in a container. Now shampoo your  with this mixture and work up a nice lather. Let the mixture sit in your hair for at least 5 to 7 minutes to allow the baking soda to work out the dye. Rinse out your , and you should see your hair color running out. You can use this mixture two to three times on your hair till you are happy with the results.

This method works best on freshly colored .

  • Vitamin C Tablets

Vitamin C is great for your health, but it can also be effective in getting semi-permanent  dye out.

Take a few vitamin C tablets in a bowl and add a bit of hot water. Now crush the tablets with a spoon until they turn into a thick paste. Do not add too much water, or your paste will be too runny to use.

Wet your and apply the paste. Wrap your in a shower cap and let it sit for an hour or so. Vitamin C penetrates the better when it is wet.