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How to Design a Chatbot

A chatbot, or "chat robot", is a computer program that interacts with multiple users via the chat interface. Many of them are created to accomplish sp

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A chatbot, or “chat robot”, is a computer program that interacts with multiple users via the chat interface. Many of them are created to accomplish specific tasks, such as telling jokes, playing games, finding information, creating schedules or doing simple work.

Typically, chatbots can communicate through either text or speech; some even combine both.

These programs usually run on one popular messaging applications like Facebook Messenger , Telegram , Slack, etc…

For now, chatbots are still in the development stage but many people think they will play an important role in future customer service . That’s why companies begin to invest into building their own AI-based virtual assistants for this purpose today.

So what should you know about designing chatbots?


  1. They need a good user interface

On one hand, chatbots are complicated pieces of software with complex logic on the other hand. This usually requires an excellent UI which is the only way to attract users’ attention and make them interact with it.

The main focus here should be simplicity – no overload of information! There should be only a few necessary buttons and links which will lead to a relevant page or perform some action when clicked or tapped. Images and colors play an important role too so they should support the overall idea perfectly . It’s also advisable to use familiar visual elements for people accustomed to Windows Phone, iOS or Android-based interfaces such as hamburger menus , slide out panels, floating action buttons etc…

  1. You won’t get too far without special AI

In order for chatbots to acquire some real skills, they need a proper artificial intelligence that would allow them to process user requests and responses. Without it, chatbots will only give very basic replies based on simple keywords matching. It’s not what you want from your customers! Bots should be able to understand different types of input – usually text or voice – and make decisions depending on how users communicate with it. That’s why machine learning is used here . You can build a bot yourself using a programming language like Python based on APIs designed for NLP (natural language processing) tasks but there are many services where developers can upload their data and ask experts in this field to create unique models just for their bots.

  1. Have a clear goal

The main goal of chatbots is to get users engaged and get them what they need quickly so you need to know the main purpose of your bot from the very beginning. Is it about selling something? Providing instant bookings? Organizing communication? It’s better for this reason to have only one big idea if possible. After that, try to think through every scenario starting from sending a message and ending with leaving feedback or something like that . Every option should lead to a relevant outcome, otherwise it might confuse users which will result in decreasing chances for success of your chatbot design.

  1. Develop messaging strategy

People tend not to use chat apps as often as other social media platforms simply because at most of them, most interactions between users and brands take place in the form of posts. This is where chatbots can really shine!

If you want your chatbot to succeed, that is the main thing when developing strategies for it – create different channels where people could contact you using artificial intelligence. In other words, don’t try to add all possible messaging apps in one bot because it will be too difficult for users to remember them all. Plus, Facebook Messenger , Slack , Telegram and SMS are enough in most cases but they should meet some universal standards in design . Make sure there’s a quick way to switch from one app to another when necessary since not every user is available on each platform.

  1. Think about NLP

It stands for natural language processing and means that a chatbot should be able to understand different kinds of input. Regardless whether it’s text or voice. Basically, there are two ways to implement this feature – by using NLP APIs or building your own solution . It’s better to go with the first option if you have no prior experience in this field because it might take a lot of time to create one from scratch.

  1. Design for bots instead of apps

This is where chatbots really stand out! When you design a chat UI , don’t try to make it look like an app if possible! Chatbots are used differently than regular applications so their interface shouldn’t be similar to them either. They should be simple, easy-to-use and contain everything necessary to complete all tasks you want users to accomplish. Messaging systems are the best place for this because they allow bots to use existing features. Like quick replies, buttons to send photos or videos, etc..

  1. Add some personality

Customers have certain expectations when it comes to brands and chatbots are no exception! The more friendly your bot looks, the more people will relate to its design. For example, Slack uses different tones of color in their app (green for casual chats between co-workers; blue for direct messages) while Telegram provides stickers which make chatting even funnier . Think about adding something special that would help people understand what kind of personality you want them to talk with. It’s better if it wouldn’t be too exaggerated, otherwise it would be too much to handle.

  1. Promote your chatbot

First of all, make sure you know which messaging apps are covered by your chatbot. Send out necessary notifications through them! Secondly, create ads on Facebook or Instagram asking people to try your bot for themselves. Lastly, make sure you provide proper support in case something goes wrong with the design. Because some users might not realize they have to use special commands for this purpose.

In Conclusion:

Making a great chatbot is an extremely difficult task especially if you don’t have prior experience as a developer. So I hope these tips will help you achieve success without major problems. In order to become a successful chatbot designer it’s better first to think about a certain strategy. Define what tools you will use for it. Then concentrate on creating the perfect chat UI that would make your app stand out.

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