How to Extract All Attachments From PST File?  – Easy Guide

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How to Extract All Attachments From PST File? – Easy Guide

Do you want to download or extract all attachments from PST file? So find the solution through this article. Here in this blog, we will discuss how to

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Do you want to download or extract all attachments from PST file? So find the solution through this article. Here in this blog, we will discuss how to remove attachments from Outlook PST data files without data loss.

Every day many people use MS Outlook to send and receive their important emails. When sending an email, the user has the option to add an attachment to the email.

Attachments are external files that users attach to email and other items. Users can easily email all types of files, including doc, txt, xlsx, etc. Sharing email with attachments helps users transfer different types of files easily.

In addition to email, users can use Outlook to add attachments to contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and more. Outlook automatically saves a copy of all email messages and other items and their attachments to a PST file on the user’s local drive. It is important to save Outlook attachments in PST file, but on the other hand, users may face more problems with Outlook attachments. Therefore, many users like to extract attachments from PST files and suggest to save them separately.

User Scenarios Related to Extract All Attachments From PST File

In general, the expansion of attachments is necessary because each user has different tasks and needs, just as the users described in the question have different needs.

“Hello! Every day I receive many attachments from my team about the progress of the project and very important information at work. Because the attachments are so large, it takes a long time to download them themselves. I need to download from Solution A. to delete all attachments from the PST file.”

“Hello! I have a lot of PST files on my computer that are useless now. But I can’t delete them because they have a lot of attachments that are important to me and I would like to get them in the future. No, I don’t have Outlook installed and I don’t want their configs. So please help me with a solution that allows you to delete all attachments from PST files once without Outlook.

As you can see, the requirements for the two queries are slightly different. The user in the first query may or may not have Outlook configured, but in the second query the user definitely does not have a PST compatible account configured.  To solve this situation, we provide a solution that can extract all attachments from the PST file

Solution 1: How to Extract All Attachments From PST File?

This is the most common way to download multiple attachments in Microsoft Outlook. You can use this guide to remove all attachments from MS Outlook account, but the main drawback of this solution is that you can download all attachments one by one from Outlook. You cannot download all attachments from Outlook. To take advantage of this offer, you must choose the method above. No, let’s see how it works.

Manual Method:

  • Get the Outlook mail program up and running on your system
  • Open email you want to remove attachment from
  • Right-click the email and choose Save All Attachments from the dropdown list.
  • All attachments will appear on a new tab. Choose all and Pick OK to continue
  • Browse and specify a folder on the system to save all email attachments, and then click OK
  • to Finish! ! This way you can remove all attachments from Outlook.

To download another file extension, you’ll have to repeat this step again, which is a little more complicated. But even if you don’t want to use the device, you still have to. Otherwise, there are no solutions other than these two.

Solution 2: Automatic Solution to Extract All Attachments From PST File

Manually extracting attachments from Outlook PST files is a time-consuming process. Users must open their Outlook items individually to delete or save attachments. After finding this problem, we recommend a solution to the called SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool. It helps you extract attachments from all Outlook items including emails, contacts, calendars, etc. You can send attachments from multiple PST files at once. The tool is designed with a user-friendly graphical interface that allows users to control the device easily. Using professional software has many advantages. Let’s look at some of them! If you want to save attachments from the storage location of the Outlook installation, you can choose the storage location in Outlook. Radio button to upload the Outlook file from the default save location.

Remove All Attachments From PST File in Few Quick Steps

  • Download and Run Outlook PST File Attachment Extractor Software

Outlook PST File Attachment Extractor Software

  • Press the “Add Outlook PST” file to extract attachments from it

Add PST File

  • Once the folder is added, it will appear in the user interface of the software

Preview PST data files

  • The software has four options to choose a folder hierarchy option

maintain Folder hierarchy

  • Select the checkbox under “Select Items” to delete multiple attachments from Email, Contacts, Calendar, Journal, and Tasks

Select PST data Items

  • If you want to extract attachments from specific dates, you can choose a date filter. You can add more time with this option

Select date filter

  • After completing all settings, clickExtract” button to start the process of extracting email attachments from Outlook PST.

Extract all button

Key Features of PST Attachment Extractor Tool

  • Various Options for Selecting Files: This application provides various options for selecting PST files. The first is “Use Configured Outlook Mailbox Data” and the second is the File or Folder option.
  • Select the file You Want to Extraction: After adding the PST file or folder, the utility will display all the folder names. You can select the desired email folder from the list.
  • Extract Multiple Attachments: Allows users to easily extract multiple attachments from PST files without data loss.
  • Folder Structure Maintenance: This software maintains the file structure of PST attachments. If you don’t want to keep it, select Ignore System Folder Hierarchy.
  • Support All Windows Versions: Easy to operate on all Windows versions such as Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  • Preview Attachments First: If you don’t have an Outlook account set up, you won’t be able to open the PST file and view the attachments. This app fixes the preview problem. Thank you for this tool; You can easily open and check all attachments. See, we say this program is packed with benefits.
  • Save the Attachments You Need: how good is it that you can find all the attachments you want. This program allows you to choose where to store all the attachments. You can benefit from this feature because you don’t have to search for a place you already know because it is already selected.
  • Ensure Integrity and Consistency: This program controls all attachments when they are completed. You will not see any manipulation in the data because it stores the data properly. On the other hand, the program can run on all versions of Windows. So there is no problem using this tool.
  • No Size Problem: The application has no file size limit and you can easily extract large files from Outlook PST files.


Nowadays, many users need to extract all attachments from PST file. Performing this manual method can take a long time. Therefore, in this article, we recommend the best solution for this task. Volume users can now extract attachments from PST files using the automatic Outlook Attachment Extractor. See more features with the free trail version of the application.

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