How to Find Lost Folder Outlook 2016 -A Brief Overview

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How to Find Lost Folder Outlook 2016 -A Brief Overview

If you're having difficulty discovering the Outbox directory and perhaps other IMAP directories in Outlook, here's what you should do. Then you will h

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If you’re having difficulty discovering the Outbox directory and perhaps other IMAP directories in Outlook, here’s what you should do. Then you will have arrived at the appropriate location. It might be a mistake or something more serious when you notice that one or even more directories in Outlook are absent. In any case, this is a fairly frequent issue with simple fixes. The comprehensive approach for the inquiry “how do you discover outbox directory in outlook 2007, 2013, and 2010” can be found here. “How to find lost folder Outlook” is a question that might be posed.

Find Lost Folder Outlook for a Number of Reasons

Outlook directories might disappear for a variety of reasons. The issue might cause by several of the different criteria:

  1. Several of the directories in your Outlook account are invisible.
  2. There was an unintentional deletion of a folder.
  3. Syncing between Outlook and the server isn’t working.
  4. There is a problem with the intimate directory record.

What to Do When Outlook’s Outbox Folder Is Lacking

However, in many cases, individuals are still unable to locate the outbox directory. Outlook additionally provides a directory menu, which includes drafts, sent objects, removed objects, archives, and trash email folders, among other things. Inbound emails are store in the inbox directory while departing emails are stored in the outbox directory in Outlook. To locate the absent outbox directory in Outlook, follow the methods outlined below. Therefore, individuals must register for IMAP directories in Outlook in this case. This approach may be used with Outlook 2007, 2013, 2010, & 2016.

  1. Launch the Outlook Mail Client on your computer’s browser.
  2. To locate the IMAP directory menu, right-click on the IMAP email address.
  3. Designate IMAP Folders out of the drop-down menu & press Enter.
  4. After that, select Query from the menu.
  5. Specify the relevant folders out of the menu of directories & tap Subscribe.

Worth noting: To pick several directories, merely hold down the Ctrl key when selecting numerous directories.

Outlook IMAP Folder List Upgrade

If one’s newly established directory does not appear in the menu of IMAP folders. If you’ve set up an IMAP membership in Outlook as well as a number of IMAP directories that aren’t showing up in the Outlook window, follow the steps underneath to resolve the issue. Outlook could perhaps reveal all IMAP directories in the dropdown list when you use it to reach your IMAP profile. The directory list must then update. This menu should update till your newly established directory shows up. You may quickly subscribe to the IMAP folder in Outlook after changing this array. Carry out the specific procedures:

  • To access your IMAP account, launch Outlook & right-click on it.
  • By selecting Update Folder List and pressing Enter, you will update your folder list.

Worth noting: Ensuing the steps provided, you may quickly locate the misplaced outbox directory in Outlook once upgrading the IMAP directory array.


The methods for discovering a lost outbox directory or subscribing to an IMAP directory in Outlook are the same in all Outlook versions. I anticipate that our endeavor will assist you in swiftly as well as simply resolving this problem.