How To Give Vape Lovers A Unique Gift


How To Give Vape Lovers A Unique Gift

Gift-giving is a way of telling someone how much they matter to you. If you are one of few people who always get muddled when it comes to giving gifts

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Gift-giving is a way of telling someone how much they matter to you. If you are one of few people who always get muddled when it comes to giving gifts, then you are at the right place. There are alot of people out there who become completely clueless when they have to buy gift for their friends, especially when their friend is very particular about their choices.

Giving people gifts they can use in their lives is always deemed good. For instance, if you have a friend who loves jewel pieces, i.e., rings and bracelets, you can give them an antique box in which they can store those fragile jewellery pieces and gift.

Similarly, if you have a vape fanatic friend, you can surprise them with a sleek and straightforward disposable vape device like Elux legend or a pack of different e-liquid flavours. If you want to know  in detail what else could you give to your vape enthusiast friend, navigate through the guide:

Beginner’s Vape Kits:

If your friend has just started out their vaping journey, then there is no better gift than a beginner’s vape kit. These are the kits that are specially designed for novice vapers. Since beginner vapers or novice vapers have very little knowledge of vaping, these kits would best fit them. These kits do not need an initial startup, nor do they require any specific settings. Moreover, the vape starter kit is easy to handle and convenient to use.

Grandiose Vape Cases:

Do your friends love chucking clouds? Or is he a cloud chaser? If yes, then you must get them an exquisite vape case. If your friend loves producing vape clouds, there is a possibility that they are using a big box mode. A box mod is a powerful yet fragile vape device that requires extra care.

Vape cases are built to store box mods and other high-power vape devices. The vape cases have a grandiose appearance, and your friend can easily store their vapes inside them carefully. It’s a guarantee that your friend will definitely love the vape case. Go purchase one for your friend and make their birthday more special by gifting them a vape case! ( if your friend uses a simple disposable vape device, you can give them a customised vape case)

Pack of Refreshing and Enticing E-juices:

There is not a single vape lover on this planet who can say no to e-liquid flavours! E-juices are a vital component of any vape device, whether it is a disposable vape or a rechargeable vape. E-liquids are the blends of tropical fruits that refresh your soul and excite you.

Your friend would really be happy if you got them a pack of their favourite e-juices. Bear in mind, never purchase e-juice that you think your friend might dislike or that may give them an awful vaping experience.

Another thing that is important for you to know is that if you give your friend a disposable vape device like Crystal bar vape and Elf bar 1500, you do not need to buy extra e-liquid flavours. Since these devices come with pre-filled e-liquid, one can easily discard them once the e-liquid runs out of the tank.

Additional Vape Batteries and Coils:

Advance vape mods contain dual replaceable and rechargeable batteries. If your friend carries one of the advanced vape mods, you can get them a new pair of batteries. Furthermore, coils that heat the e-liquid in a vape device get gunky over time and must be replaced promptly. You can also get your friend one of the few coils. They will surely love it!


Your friend will really value the efforts which you put into purchasing their gifts and will definitely acknowledge your gifts. So if your friend is thinking of quitting smoking or they are just looking for a portable vape device, do not wait and get them a disposable vape. The device is very popular among people who want to quit smoking.