How to obtain BEE certification in India?


How to obtain BEE certification in India?

BEE certification is a mandatory requirement for manufacturers of electronic appliances. It gives a rating of those electrical products based on their

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BEE certification is a mandatory requirement for manufacturers of electronic appliances. It gives a rating of those electrical products based on their power consumption. In this article, you will learn the process to obtain BEE certification in India.

The rise of our purchasing power had both negative and positive effects. The positive impacts are simple to understand, and you can count on being able to purchase high-end products among them. However, it is the negative impact that put India under a severe energy crisis. Courtesy of everyone being able to purchase electronics that were once suited for rich households, our energy consumption increased.

As a result, the government of India had to introduce measures to deal with this rise and thus, put a leash on existing energy crises. The result of those measures was Bureau of Energy Efficiency certification.

What is BEE Certification?

Bee Certification is a certificate that states the energy efficiency rating of electrical equipment. The Bureau issues this document by:

  1. Assessing the application and the sample of wireless product
  2. Running in house testing on the electrical equipment

After a thorough analysis of the product, it gives the product a star rating based on its electrical efficiency. The factors that determine those ratings are

  1. The nature of the product
  2. Usage frequency of the product
  3. Energy efficiency in the current market,
  4. Reliability of the product.

The steps to obtain a BEE certificate in India

You have to acquire BEE certification in two stages:

  1. The first stage is getting the registration for the product’s brand.
  2. And the second stage is to get a star rating for the product’s model.

Getting Brand registration: The first stage:

  1. Go to the official BEE portal
  2. Apply for user credentials
  3. Log in and go to your dashboard
  4. Once you’re there, you will find an option that will let you enter the details of your brand
  5. Furnish the details and upload the supporting documents.
  6. Wait for a week. You will receive a notification stating that BEE has accepted your brand.

Getting the star rating: Stage two:

  1. Go back to the official portal and log in
  2. Once you reach the dashboard, you will see a new option before you. It will let you enter the details of your model.
  3. Start inputting information about the product for which you seek the star rating.
  4. When you reach the end, you will get two options. One will let you enter the details of further models. Another will let you pay the fees and submit the application
  5. Finally, do the needful and exit the website.

Afterwards, you will receive the instruction to submit the physical copies of the documents. Follow through this this requirement and after due testing BEE will grant you the star rating for your electrical appliance.

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Documents you need for BEE registration

The following are the documents that you will need to succeed when following the BEE registration procedure:

For brand:

  1. Trademark registration certificate
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. MOA and AOA
  4. And, Details of the products you produce under your brand.

For model:

  1. Independent test report of the model
  2. And, Sample of the model
  3. Technical details of the product
  4. And, Other details that you deem necessary


Obtaining a BEE certificate in India is a fairly easy procedure. However, to successfully complete the process, you need the aid of experts. Registrationwala is a team of consultants well versed in fulfilling BEE certification requirements. Contact us to know more.

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