There's nothing quite like a strong black black kajal over your eye! No matter what the occasion, whether it's wedding or just a basic, naked makeup l

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There’s nothing quite like a strong black black kajal over your eye! No matter what the occasion, whether it’s wedding or just a basic, naked makeup look , the kajal you wear will take your look a step. Take out your favorite makeup color, an bindi, and lipstick that is a nude shade to achieve the perfect Indian outfit.

Although all this may sound appealing, the issue of eye smudging due to racoons is a fact! The scorching heat and the humid conditions can be very hard to your face, specifically your eyeshadow or kohl pencil and can cause the makeup to fail. Although it’s almost impossible to anticipate these scenarios but there are some tricks to assist you through this calamity and create eyelashes that are well-defined and last for a long time.

Select the Correct Kajal Formula

Unfortunately, the majority of pencils made of kajal tend to get smudged, due to external causes or due to an ultra-creamy color. Choose a premium water-resistant and smudge-free formula that is able to stay in place regardless of weather changes.

Dust Some Setting Powder

Pick up your favourite translucent powder and apply it over your face and eyes before reaching to get your Kajal. It not only helps to take away the excess oils from your face, but it will also help to improve the look of your makeup.

Create your Kajal by applying an Eyeshadow

If you apply a similar eyeshadow color to the kohl will make the kajal more settled and will prevent the smudging of product.

Make sure your eyelids are primed

This step can be completed when applying eyeshadow applying eye shadow, applying a primer prior to applying kajal can also be beneficial. The under-eye area is moisturized and then sealing it using a primer will keep the makeup in place and create stunningly well-defined eyes.

Apply the appropriate application technique

If you’re just looking to apply a little kajal to your waterline, begin at the outside part of your eyes. Beginning from the inside of your eye causes your product into coming into direct contact with the fluid inside the eye, which can cause problems with the smooth application process.

While it might sound like a job but it’s actually more of a simple habit that can change your appearance. Although these tips can assist you in removing the kajal issues you have You can always play around with various techniques to get the most effective results.