How to Reduce Risky Driving Through Video Telematics

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How to Reduce Risky Driving Through Video Telematics

Did you know that over 3,000 fatal road accidents a year do not occur because of tragic accidents but distracted driving? While any accident is not to

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Did you know that over 3,000 fatal road accidents a year do not occur because of tragic accidents but distracted driving? While any accident is not to be taken lightly, it is the ones that can be prevented that hurt the most. 

Fleet managers have been trying to find solutions to the problem of rising risky driving for a while. From training to penalties, many solutions have come and gone. However, the only effective way that can uproot the problem is video telematics. 


What Does Video Telematics Do? 

The primary purpose of video telematics is to ensure that fleet managers can get a 360o view of their vehicles. 

Most vehicle tracking software use both front and back-facing cams to get the most visibility. Front-facing cams help managers look at what is happening on the road. Back-facing cams, on the other hand, ensure complete surveillance of the drivers. 

Vehicle tracking software use real-time GPS tracking and video streaming along with Artificial Intelligence, to reduce risky driving behavior in your fleet. 


How Can You Curb Risky Driving With Video Telematics? 

Are you wondering how simply installing a camera in your vehicles will safeguard functions? Well, here we will explain the various ways video telematics might come in handy to reduce risky driving in your fleet. 


Complete Visibility 

With the help of dash cams installed in your vehicles, you can view everything in and around your vehicles. No more will you feel helpless because you do not know what exactly happened at the moment of impact. This visibility also helps you claim lower insurance claim charges if you have visual proof that your drivers were in the right. 


Building Accountability

Accountability and answerability are incredible tools to get anything positive done. This is mostly because when people are accountable, they think of the task as their responsibility instead of a burden levied on them from their managers. 

When you use video telematics-backed vehicle tracking software, your drivers know that they are being watched. This creates accountability towards you in their mind, keeping them more vigilant while driving for work.


Artificial Intelligence 

The latest technological advancements offer several things to benefit from. While video telematics itself is a result of several technological advancements, artificial intelligence goes a step further. Video telematics paired with artificial intelligence is the best way to reduce risky driving in your fleet. 

With artificial intelligence, cameras can sense when the driver is not focused. Intelligent systems know when the driver is looking at the road, their phone, passengers, or anywhere else. They can also detect when a driver is getting drowsy or distracted. Therefore, by sending an alarm, they can alert both the manager and driver and reduce avoidable accidents. 


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