How to Remove Duplicate PST Files in Outlook – Two Ways

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How to Remove Duplicate PST Files in Outlook – Two Ways

Are you one of those people who want to remove duplicate PST files in Outlook? Then we recommend you to use the best utility to delete duplicate email

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Are you one of those people who want to remove duplicate PST files in Outlook? Then we recommend you to use the best utility to delete duplicate email from PST file. Learn the blog for the complete process.

Outlook email duplicate problem is always annoying for regular users of MS Outlook as sending and receiving emails can slow down the system. In this blog, you will learn what is behind multiple copies of the same file in Outlook and how to quickly and safely find and remove duplicate files in Outlook to save all your important messages .

If you use MS Outlook, you send or receive many files in your account’s folders, such as Outbox, Mailbox, Mailbox, or Archive. Due to the continuous exchange of email files, some duplicate files are stored in the media, in the same memory location as the original email content, causing performance not good. Therefore, to improve system and account performance, we recommend removing duplicates from Outlook to free up address space from duplicate files in folders.

What are the Reasons to Remove Duplicate PST files in Outlook?

Many companies choose Microsoft Outlook for efficient email communication. However, duplicate emails can increase the size of your mailbox, which can affect Outlook performance. This problem also affects the productivity of the users and makes them look for ways to delete out-of-date/duplicated emails from Outlook.

  • Confusion: Duplicate emails confuse users. For example, Ask users to respond to emails.
  • Emails Hard to Find: Outlook email search list of emails. This list grows as the letters return, and it can be difficult to find the letter you want.
  • Uses More Space: Depending on the number of recurring emails, the inbox uses more disk space. The more space, the more the processor will use.

How to Avoid Receiving Duplicate Emails in Microsoft Outlook?

There are many reasons for redundancy in email messages, some of which are listed below:

1. Policy Configuration Error

If the rules are not set correctly, it will confuse you when you receive emails. This leads to duplicate emails.

2. Short Time Between Sending and Receiving Email

A slow mailbox refresh does not synchronize email and other files in the mailbox and may cause duplicate files.

3. Some Errors When Setting up Outlook Account

This will re-synchronize messages when the same email account is used on different devices such as laptops and phones. This could be one of the reasons why you see duplicate emails in your Outlook inbox.

4. Incorrect Email Configuration

If your mailbox was not configured correctly when you created your account in Outlook, you will receive the same email and a message.

How to Stop Receiving Duplicate Emails in Microsoft Outlook?

First, find the truth of the matter. To avoid copying emails, follow these tips:

Step 1: Configure Outlook Properly

Check your Outlook policies and make sure they are set correctly. Otherwise, it gets mixed up in multiple email folders. The emails will become impossible and you will have to find a way to delete duplicate emails in Outlook.

Step 2: Increase the Refresh Rate

  • Start Microsoft Outlook
  • Go to the Send/Receive tab
  • Select Send/Receive Group >> Define Send/Receive Group
  • During the wizard, schedule automatic sending/receiving every 15-30 minutes.
    Finally, close the wizard

How to Remove Duplicate PST Files in Outlook  – Manually

There are two ways to help you get rid of suspicious emails in Microsoft Outlook: cleaning and import/export. Use the cleanup option to remove duplicate emails from conversations and folders. You can use this to clean files and subfolders. Here we use Cleanup to remove duplicate emails from the folder.

Method 1: Clean the Folder to Delete Duplicate Emails in Outlook

  • Start Microsoft Outlook and click the button to expand the Cleanup drop-down menu

Cleanup drop-down menu

  • After extracting, select Delete folders and subfolders

select Delete folders and subfolders

  • Click the Settings button

Click the Settings button

  • A wizard will open where you can select the folder that contains the items you want to delete. After selecting the folder, click OK

click the Clean Folder

  • Here, click the Clean Folder button to start the process

click the Clean Folder

Method 2: Use Import/Export to Remove Duplicate Outlook Emails

First, we export the PST file (which contains duplicate emails) from Outlook and then import the PST file while removing unnecessary items.

Export PST file from Microsoft Outlook

  • Start Outlook and select the Documents tab
  • Click the Import/Export button to open and export

Import/Export button

  • In the Import and Export Wizard, Choose Export to File and Hit Next

Choose Export to File

  • On the Export to file screen, select the Outlook file (.pst) and click Next to continue

select the Outlook file (.pst)

  • Select the email account in the export window, check the box with subfolders, and then click Next

click Next

  • To check the list of targets, click Browse and select Replace duplicates with exported items

select Replace duplicates with exported items

  • Enter the password (optional) and click Done

Now save the backup PST file in another folder and delete the mail file with the duplicate emails in Outlook. After removing all the files, we will now start the import process, we will not import unnecessary items / deleted emails in Outlook.

Step 2: Import PST into Outlook

  • Start Outlook >> Go to File tab > Open and Export > Import/Export


Open and Export

  • In the Import and Export Wizard, select Import from another application or file, and then click Next

select Import from another application or file

  • On the File Import screen, select the Outlook data file (.pst) and click Next

select the Outlook data file

  • Here, click Browse to select the target and enable the “Do not import duplicates” option

Do not import duplicates

  • Select the folder you want to import and click  “Include Subfolders
  • Choose the Import items into the same folder check box, and then click Finish.

Manual Solution Failed:

If you have small PST files containing up to 100 emails in your inbox or archive folder. Users receive at least 20-30 emails every day and it is difficult to delete contacts and other files in Outlook every day using manual processes. Some people keep the same files in different folders, so it is impossible to remember all the old files to remove duplicate emails from Outlook at once.

Automatic Solution to Remove Duplicate PST Files in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013

For any reason, this manual method may not work properly or the user may not be able to perform this method. In this situation, there is another way to get the affected user out of the problem. SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover Software is an amazing software that can mass delete duplicate emails from your mailbox. In addition to emails, it eliminates the problem of duplicate calendars, contacts, diaries, notes and tasks. The application works smoothly on PST files of any size. Another benefit of using this application is the ability to batch delete multiple PST files.

Steps by Step Guide to Remove Multiple Duplicate PST in Microsoft Outlook 

  • Download the Automatic Software on your local machine

Download Outlook Duplicates Remover

  • Press Add File or Folder to Load Outlook PST files

Add Outlook files

  • After that, select the in folder or entire folder. Then click the Next button.

Select folder

  • Now click on the destination option to select the desired destination to save the result file

Choose destination

  • Check the box under “Select Item Type” to remove duplicate data from emails, contacts, calendars, diaries, tasks, and notes

Select Item Type

  • You now have the option to apply filter settings, so you can add as many date filters as you like

apply filter settings

  • After selecting the date filter, the next step is to select the action to apply to the duplicates, such as permanently delete, move to deleted folder, move to folder, mark and mark as expired

Delete Outlook Duplicates options

  • After completing all the settings, clickNext” to start the process

click on next button


In this blog, we talk about the main problems of the mailbox due to having similar items in Outlook profiles. Explain how to remove duplicate PST files in Outlook. Although, since the manual process does not provide satisfactory results. In this case, users can use the best Outlook deduplication tools and third-party tools like Duplicates Remover Tool to remove duplicate emails from Outlook easily and safely. After downloading the software, it seamlessly scans and removes duplicate items in Outlook such as emails, notes, books, calls, calendars, and tasks, etc. without any damage to information.

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