How to Succeed in Business Movie


How to Succeed in Business Movie

How to succeed in a business movie? Here are 50 secrets to a business movie’s success. Commercial film to let people understand “I shoot this film

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How to succeed in a business movie? Here are 50 secrets to a business movie’s success.

Commercial film to let people understand “I shoot this film you can certainly understand!”. Personality directors are also starting to make the right choices in front of the market. Getting a great profile is also recommended.

The commercial film wins the design of commercial film win in the design, the design of shareholders behind the capital. The design of film elements behind the production team, the design of the core decision-making team. The design of marketing events, and the design of market conditions and competitors in the same period. In a word, commercial films are highly complex social activities with too many variables and vector superpositions. All of which require a rigorous design to have a greater chance of success.

“Heart in the clouds, body in the soil” is the happiest film is easy to know but difficult to do. Without the underlying practical experience is best not to come up with the big investment touch film. The man who is in the clouds and whose heart is in the clouds is the most dangerous, for all he sees is mud. He who has his heart in the clouds and his body in the soil is the happiest, for all he sees is the sun.

The script is the DNA of film A successful film, 70 percent in the production, 30 percent in the screening schedule. The script is the core of the production, which is the innate elements and DNA of the whole film. The acquired efforts cannot escape the direction and tone set by DNA.

How Do Movies Tell Stories?

We always tell bad stories, which is related to our old narrative way and the lack of categorization of domestic films. And If there is no division of labor, there will be no profession. Or If a scriptwriting writer writes romance films today and war films tomorrow, there will be no single master.

“2012” has no story, “Avatar” is some classic combination of old stories, Hollywood has not sold stories for years, and the story of Disney’s high snow is dead.

Do your own field research Don’t set the script by your own preferences, take the story plan to the door of the cinema, and ask the post-80s and post-90s audience what they like!

To make a film, first of all, respecting the attitude of the film producer is the prerequisite to determining the success of the film. When making movies, you have to treat movies as your life. People who don’t respect movies don’t make good movies.

What Makes a Good Producer

The commercial film is a film product for release, not a propaganda film, and it is responsible to investors. Four, super comprehensive management ability, the characteristics of the film is to gather the creative power of all over the world in a short period of time, production, marketing, distribution, and other teams, from ten days to a few months, short run with thousands of people, hundreds of cars, a large team to complete a high level of work.

Usually, a medium investment film, a day of delay, will cost hundreds of thousands of yuan of production costs, the future with millions of box office to make up for. Great art is done within a given period of time. There is no limit, but the effect is not guaranteed.

Sequel to think twice about the domestic few can do a good job of continuous movies, the first set someone to see, the second set can also be a mask, the third set will see your real strength, so the third set of domestic almost no, foreign very common, can do the sixth, seven sets.

Do not pursue the star-studded according to the size of their own film, star. A look is the type of small cost do not please too many big brands, otherwise may lose money and also can not earn Shouting.

Adults want to see animation “Pixar’s film is adults and children all eat, some domestic companies only do children’s themes, maybe more narrow, and the old story of the new may also encounter bottlenecks. Hippo animation founder Tsui Hark, talking about his upcoming animated film.

Commercial Film How to Be Successful?

5,000 people, 500,000 people, success.

What Can We Learn from a Good Commercial Film?

Use your brains in the grasp of lens language, sometimes the cost is low and you can achieve a high starting point, although good, it is best not to imitate.

Don’t have to spend a lot of money to ask big directors, screenwriters, directors, and directors to make up too expensive, sometimes self-directed but can reflect the passion for creation.

Follow suit doomed to failure small budget films may not be big, but follow suit regardless of the size of the investment, almost doomed to failure!

The big film is the art of winning small film is the art of directors, the big film is the art of operators matching resources, small film to meet a kind of feelings in the heart, big film pursuit of commercial returns, only one goal, is to win.

The boundary between commercial film and art film is not clear. Some films sell well in foreign countries but are branded as “art films” in China. Therefore, films can be classified from the size of the cost. But it is difficult to say which are commercial and which are literary. In fact, as long as the film for the audience has commercial characteristics, the film that can move the audience must have artistic value.

“Alongside the big guy” and “combination of the fist” will be popular blockbusters are basically investment portfolios. Good production, good distribution, and strong cinema industry capital and another strong trend is becoming more and more obvious.

What is popular next year, to ask industry insiders the trend of many types of film? The veteran filmmakers, every year to see hundreds of movies and evaluate the box office. Everyday theater managers, have a good idea, take time to drink coffee with them, maybe you can hear some way.

Do “fake blockbusters” is also good Chinese film investment cost in a short time. It can not reach the level of Hollywood. But you can consider shooting some momentum, type of similar “fake blockbusters”. Remove some action scenes, add their own thinking, but also can have a literary atmosphere.

“Film blockbuster” into a small trend to carry forward the spirit of the shanghai made in China. The province of the province, the special effects of the flower production costs are also spent. Thirty or fifty million to shoot one or two hundred million blockbuster feeling of the film is your skill. Natural someone to see. The trend of blockbusters in the past two years is obvious.

After the screening of the technical and tactical test film is the adjustment of the tactical strain ability.

The schedule is like a boxing ring, a narrow encounter, a strong win!

How to choose a schedule to know some sun Tzu’s art of war and game theory.

As a digital film broadcast on TV stations, airlines, hotels, and other channels. Qualified people can also run directly to the major film festivals. In fact, do not make money, earn a name is also a way. Those who want to invest in commercial blockbusters but lack capital can start this way.

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