How to watch Disney Plus on Totalplay?


How to watch Disney Plus on Totalplay?

Disney Plus is a streaming platform launched by the Disney Company. Its launch was in 2019 and it was not until November 2020 that it reached

How to Enter login/begin 8 digit Code?
How to activate Disney Plus com Begin 8 Digit Active Code
How to Enter login/begin 8 digit Code?

Disney Plus is a streaming platform launched by the Disney Company. Its launch was in 2019 and it was not until November 2020 that it reached Mexican homes. Since then, it has entertained the families of our country with its attractive proposals and provides them with an excellent service that competes, hand in hand, with the rest of the platforms present in our market.

Surely you already know a lot about this platform because it has received very good publicity in recent months, what you probably do not know is that you can access it through TotalPlay. Yes, this telecommunications company, although it does not include Disney Plus as part of its packages, allows it to be hired independently. In this way, if you are a TotalPlay customer, you will not have to give it up to enjoy Disney Plus and you will be able to obtain all the benefits of its plans.


Requirements to see Disney Plus on Total Play

Undoubtedly, the possibility of enjoying Disney Plus in TotalPlay is an advantage that Mexican customers can enjoy, the only requirement to be able to do so is that the Smart TV you use is compatible with this streaming service.

Fortunately, most of them are, for example, Android TV (version 5.0 onwards), Sharp Aquos, Sony Bravia, set-top boxes that use Android TV, LG (WEBOS version 3.0 onwards) Samsung TV (from 2016 onwards that has HD video and Tizen operating system). You can check the full list of compatible TVs on the official Disney site.

If you are interested in discovering how to watch Disney Plus in TotalPlay, you are in the right place, the team has investigated the best way to do it, you just have to continue with us so that you know it.


How to watch Disney Plus on Total play?

Once all the details are clarified, it is time to discover how to watch Disney Plus in TotalPlay, follow us this step by step and we assure you that you will be enjoying your favorite movies in just minutes.


First of all, the download

With your TV and TotalPlay decoder turned on, download the Disney Play app. To do this, go to the menu located on the home screen, select the App option and search for Disney Plus. Once it shows up, hit download and wait a few moments for this process to complete.


Disney installation in TotalPlay

When the download is complete, it’s time to install it and link it to your TotalPlay account. In the menu, choose the Disney Plus option, once in it, enter the email address synchronized with the TotalPlay account and complete the steps indicated to the link.


Ready! Enjoy Disney Plus!

With Disney Plus installed, you can now start enjoying the proposals on this platform. Press the Start button and choose, among all the available channels, Disney Plus. Enter it with your user account and password and that’s it! Choose what material you want to see and enjoy it as a family.


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Total Play packages

Knowing which TotalPlay packages are for the internet, telephone and television are very useful if you are thinking of combining their services with those of Disney Plus. There are basic packages with telephone, television, and internet to Double Play, Triple Play, Two-in-One, and All-in-One packages that include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video memberships. All packages include a telephone line, mobile data and facilities, and discounts after six months of using the service. In addition, each one of them guarantees installation service in 24 hours, fast connection speed thanks to the use of fiber optics, 4K technology, and the possibility of enjoying the materials at any time and place. also allows access to more than 80 cinema, entertainment, culture, children’s, sports, and national channels, with which distraction will be guaranteed.

To discover the details of each package and check which ones are available in your location, access the company’s official website.


What does Disney Plus offer?

Without a doubt, TotalPlay’s service is five stars, hence it is one of the most popular companies of this type in Mexico. So is it worth hiring also Disney Plus? Well, the answer is positive. Despite the facilities that TotalPlay offers, Disney Plus is something different and it could be said that it is essential for those who want to enjoy cinema and television through an unforgettable experience.

As we anticipated, it is a streaming platform, similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, which are included in some of the TotalPlay packages, but which differs from them due to its content, its price, and some features.

The Disney Plus library holds series, films, and documentaries from LucasFilm, Marvel Studios, Pixar, Fox, National Geographic, and of course, the original Disney titles. Little by little the platform has gained exclusivity and from now on, only through it, you will be able to see the premieres of Marvel Studios and Disney so, if you are a follower of these universes, it is time that you consider subscribing to it. Its content, of a family nature, has become a jewel in homes, to be shared by all, adults and children, with these offers on TV. Your account can be used simultaneously from four screens and create up to seven profiles on ten different devices.

So far, the user experience is incredible, so don’t wait any longer and discover all the benefits of Disney Plus for yourself.